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How is Australia prioritizing student visas with new minesterial direction 107?

In the ever-evolving landscape of immigration policies, Australia has recently introduced Ministerial Direction 107, aiming to streamline and prioritize student visa applications. This directive marks a significant shift in the country’s approach to managing student visas, reflecting its commitment to bolstering its education sector while ensuring the integrity of its immigration system. In this blog post, we delve into the key aspects of Ministerial Direction 107 and its implications for international students aspiring to study in Australia.

Understanding Ministerial Direction 107

Ministerial Direction 107, which came into effect on [insert date], outlines the criteria and guidelines for the prioritization of student visa applications. The directive emphasizes several factors, including the economic contribution of international students, the importance of maintaining a diverse student population, and the need to support regional education providers.

Prioritization Criteria

One of the notable features of Ministerial Direction 107 is the introduction of a tiered system for prioritizing student visa applications. Under this system, applications will be categorized into different tiers based on specific criteria, such as the field of study, the reputation of the education provider, and the location of the intended study.

Tier 1: High-Priority Applications:

Applications falling under Tier 1 are accorded the highest priority and are processed expeditiously. These may include students enrolled in critical sectors such as healthcare, engineering, and information technology, where there is a high demand for skilled professionals in Australia. Additionally, students intending to study in regional areas or at universities with a strong track record of research and innovation may also be prioritized under Tier 1.

Tier 2: Medium-Priority Applications:

Tier 2 encompasses applications that do not qualify for Tier 1 priority but are still considered significant for the Australian education sector. This tier may include students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in non-critical fields, as well as those attending reputable institutions in metropolitan areas.

Tier 3: Standard-Priority Applications:

Applications categorized under Tier 3 are processed according to standard timelines and are not accorded any special priority. This tier may include applications from students seeking to enroll in vocational education and training (VET) courses, English language courses, or other non-degree programs.

Implications for International Students:

The introduction of Ministerial Direction 107 has several implications for international students considering studying in Australia. Firstly, it underscores the importance of carefully selecting the field of study and education provider, as these factors can significantly impact the prioritization of visa applications. Additionally, students may need to factor in regional considerations, as studying in certain areas may increase their chances of securing a higher priority status.

Moreover, the tiered prioritization system highlights Australia’s strategic objectives in attracting and retaining international talent. By prioritizing applications in critical sectors and regional areas, the country aims to address skill shortages, promote economic growth, and enhance the global competitiveness of its education sector.


Ministerial Direction 107 represents a proactive step towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Australia’s student visa system. By prioritizing applications based on key criteria such as field of study, education provider reputation, and regional considerations, the directive aims to strike a balance between supporting the country’s economic and educational objectives while maintaining the integrity of its immigration system. International students aspiring to study in Australia should familiarize themselves with these changes and ensure that their applications align with the priorities outlined under Ministerial Direction 107.



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