After completing a post-secondary educational program, the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program offers overseas students in Canada a means to stay in the nation and begin establishing a life and profession there.

Any graduate from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) is eligible for this program, which offers an open work visa for up to three years and allows them to work for any Canadian employer of their choice even if they do not already have a job offer.

The day after a potential applicant receives their official transcript and letter attesting to program completion, the application process for a PGWP can start. 

All foreign students seeking a PGWP have six months (180 days) from this date to submit their applications.

A large portion of the applicant’s initial duties in this application process revolve around merely acquiring the following documents, which must be included in the application itself and are listed on the website of the Canadian government:

  • A diploma or degree
  • An official letter from your institution
  • A copy of your transcript from your school’s website, or an official transcript

Depending on whether the PGWP candidate is applying from within Canada or from outside, different application procedures and processes will follow once this phase is finished. Although paper applications will occasionally be accepted, most applicants will be asked to submit their applications online.

Online application for the PGWP from within Canada

In order to apply for a PGWP in Canada, you must complete five steps: gather the necessary materials, read the instructions, prepare your answers for the online tool, comprehend the fees that apply, and sign in or create an online account.

A credit or debit card, a scanner, or a camera are all that are required for most candidates to submit their applications online. Processing fees, work permit fees, and open work permit holder fees are possible application fees. To submit an application and check its status, applicants must register with IRCC.

Paper application for the PGWP from within Canada:

The procedures for this are the same as those that an applicant would follow if they were applying from within Canada.

The PGWP application process consists of the following five steps:

  • Prepare necessary items
  • Read the instructions.
  • Create responses for the online tool.
  • Recognize any applicable charges
  • Create an account online with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or sign in.

Paper application for PGWP from outside of Canada:

Once more, the procedures for this are the same as those that an applicant has been instructed to follow if they are applying from Canada.

The actions entail:

  • Visit the Canadian government website to obtain the application materials.
  • Fill out the application completely and attach any necessary paperwork.
  • Pay the application fees, which may include third-party fees, processing fees, work permit fees, and expenses for biometrics.
  • Send the application, complete with all required paperwork and payment confirmation, to the address provided.

Applying online for the PGWP from outside of Canada

These are the five steps that make up this process.

Step 1: Get the materials needed for the application

A valid credit or debit card, as well as a scanner or camera, are required by applicants in order to produce electronic copies of their application materials.

Step 2: Review the User Guide Before Launching the Program

Step 3: Create the responses for the online tool

Candidates will receive a customized list of the precise documents they must send with their application through the online facility offered prior to the submission of application forms.

Step 4: Recognize the relevant application fees

Any combination of the following can be included in PGWP program fees:

  • Processing charges
  • A cost for holders of open work permits
  • Cost of a work permit
  • Biometrics charges
  • Fees charged by third parties for police certifications, medical tests, and/or visa application centre services (if an applicant uses one)

Step 5: Establish an online account or sign in.

In order to pay application fees, submit an application, and check the status of an application, you must have an account with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.