About Us

Emigrantz Global Consultancy is a legitimate Immigration Consultant firm that has been operating worldwide for over a decade. Having accredited with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority - 1678813), Australia and Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC - R407847), Canada, Emigrantz Global Consultancy has proven to be an authentic visa application center in the minds of visa aspirants looking for immigration services.

Having based in Saudi Arabia, Emigrantz Global Consultancy has branches operating in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and India. Since we are a licensed immigration firm, Emigrantz enjoy the exclusive rights while processing Visa applications, our claims are backed by thousands of applicants who have successfully migrated to their desired locations.

At Emigrantz we follow the best practices and support the idea of being transparent. We assure to serve our clients with the best immigration solutions by focusing on individual requirements and keep them posted about the changes in rules and regulations, and deliver the guaranteed visas. We respect our client’s privacy and all the information is stored in a highly encrypted database.

We at Emigrantz do not set any unreal expectation and welcome all the aspirants to personally visit our office. We enable you to resettle beyond boundaries by transforming your dreams into reality.

We process comparatively faster than what it takes for an application to get assessed. With our friendly counselors, you will never feel hassled throughout the processing. We have the expertise to work in an intense situation with challenging mind-set, gaining firmness and providing a gigantic experience.
We have efficiently walked a distant mile, which has gained us client confidence! With our offices in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, India, and The United States of America, we promise to serve you with the best immigration solutions ensuring quality. We never make our clients visualize some false dreams, rather we stay focused on facts, well informed with the rules and regulations, and deliver the guaranteed visas.

We enable you to resettle beyond boundaries by transforming your dream into reality.

We aim to serve people by offering an optimum one-stop resettlement service. We promise a future that you dream to explore. We thrive to deliver quality-driven services being highly customer-centric.


Emigrantz doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the service we promise to offer. We strongly believe that it is the quality of the service that can ensure customer satisfaction. We make sure to add value to our clients worldwide by introducing a standardized life-changing experience. Quality customer service experiences are the driving force behind our strong customer retention and satisfaction.


One can define integrity as an act of doing the right thing even when it’s not monitored. For Emigrantz integrity is the only policy as we believe to act with honesty and maintain consistency in our operations. As a firm, we are proud of integrity, transparency and honesty we hold demonstrating it in our day to day affairs. Emigrantz is committed to be an integral part of our clients’ development as we consider it a strong building block for doing business. We function on a perception considering integrity as the most important principle of leadership because it demands truthfulness and honesty.


Corporations spend a fortune and years building up loyalty and trust among their customers. Emigrantz firmly believes that trust begins with honesty. We have gained appraisals as our customers can witness the services we promise. We assist and guide our clients throughout the process in the best possible manner. The betterment of or clients is the ultimate goal we are committed to achieving with honesty. We believe it's not an era of B2B Or B2C, instead, it is H2H i.e human to human.

Being a service provider, it is our corporate social responsibility to list down the elements that shape up our code of conduct.

Ethical Practice

Emigrantz promotes a culture of fair ethical practices from the grass-root level. We endure a sense of morally right workplace behavior and respect among our clients and employees.


We strongly stick to the core values we formulated and consider it a key element to be incorporated in our code of conduct. Emigrantz ensures an honest, unbiased and prejudiced work environment.


Emigrantz counts on taking full charge and responsibility for the operations we can carry out ensuring the appropriate flow of information, working out diligence and avoiding conflict of interest.


Emigrantz has implemented and strictly abides current standardized policies set out and business operational manuals. We comply with the services we outline and work for the commitment to the organization.


Emigrantz follows disciplinary actions to be taken which includes complain handling and specific penalties for any violation of the code of conduct.

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