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With the outbreak of Coronavirus, Australia like many other countries has announced a lockdown and the possibility of returning to normalcy don’t seem to be happening anytime soon.The Australian immigration department however, is processing visa applications for those travelers in the exempted categories to support urgent travel.
Some services related to visa application process may be impacted by the Coronavirus; however, fresh PR applications are still being processed.

What to expect in this article?
•How Australian Immigration has changed over the years.
•Are we going to see more changes in the Australian Immigration?

How Australian Immigration has changed over the years

Australia has a history of inviting immigrants from all over the world. With the growing economic demand, Australian immigration process has seen significant changes and with the current Coronavirus crisis, we can expect more changes.
Australia had a planned intake of migrants to combat the ageing population and low birth rate problem. A major economic study highlighted the positive effects of immigration on Australian economy.
The movement of Temporary workers into Australia grew rapidly in the 90’s and this saw a significant shift in the migration policy as these migrants were not points- tested in the same way as other skilled migrants. A considerable number of Temporary workers remained in Australia as Permanent Residents. The year was 1996 when the Coalition Government abolished the labor-market testing requirements for temporary skilled workers and introduced ‘457’ long term temporary business (Employer sponsored visa).
The Australian authorities significantly restructured many acts and introduced measures relating to national security. A candidate’s eligibility was assessed based on many tests and the aim of these tests was to encourage prospective migrants to obtain knowledge they need to support successful integration into Australian society.Over the years the minimum required points for eligibility has increased from 60 to 65. There has been a significant change in visa subclass, for example skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 489 has been replaced by subclass 491.

Are we going to see more changes in the Australian Immigration?

The crisis of Coronavirus was unprecedented, with safety measures such as lock down and travel restrictions, many countries including Australia are fighting a battle against Coronavirus. The pandemic situation will eventually be under control; however it has had a devastating effect on the economy. The world will never be the same again. We can expect a lot of changes in the immigration rules and regulations post Coronavirus era.
The aspiring candidates must align themselves and be compatible with the changing norms. To avoid any kind of delay or backlogs, you can start your visa application early. Always approach a registered agent for all your visa requirements.
We urge everyone to stay safe and reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. Visit your nearest hospital if you come across Corona virus symptoms and follow orders issued by World Health organization.

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