Australia Youth Mobility Program

Beginning on November 1, 2024, the government will introduce the Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES), a new scheme designed to facilitate the mobility of Indian nationals. With knowledge and abilities in specific fields of study, MATES will offer 3,000 Indian graduates and early career professionals (aged 18 to 30 at the time of application) a new mobility pathway that allows them to live and work in Australia for up to two years.
MATES draws attention to the expanding strategic alliance between Australia and India. It declares both countries’ commitment to cooperating to address shared issues and achieve win-win results.

Improved interchange of skills
In order to promote a mutually beneficial exchange of talents and information, MATES makes it easier for Indian graduates and early career professionals to temporarily relocate to Australia. It promotes innovation and economic progress by allowing gifted people to work in vital industries including engineering, ICT, AI, FinTech, and AgriTech.

Fostering Mutual Cultural Understanding
The MATES program fosters mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Australia and India. Cultural diplomacy has the potential to strengthen interpersonal ties and strengthen the two nations’ relationship as a whole.

Important characteristics
  • No Employer Sponsorship Needed: Applicants do not require the sponsorship of an Australian employer in order to apply directly for a visa.
  • Adaptable Employment Prospects: Individuals can engage in diverse industries, broadening their expertise and connections inside the industry.
  • Families are welcome to bring their dependents, including spouses and kids, who will be granted the ability to work in Australia.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: During the 24-month validity term, visa holders are permitted multiple entries and exits from Australia.
The following is a list of professions that qualify for the MATES Visa.
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Financial technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Renewable Energy
Advantages of the Australia MATES Visa:
  • Annual cap on visas: MATES aims to provide 3000 talented and young professionals temporary visas each year.
    • Work exposure in Australia: Professionals traveling to Australia on a MATES Visa have the opportunity to obtain valuable international work experience.
    • Multiple entries: During a two-year period, applicants may enter and exit Australia without restriction with the MATES visa.
    • Live for up to two years: During that time, candidates may reside in Australia and look for work.
    • No employer sponsorship needed: Candidates with a MATES visa are able to relocate to Australia for employment purposes without the need for employer support.
MATES will be available to Indian citizens who meet the following requirements:
  • have never participated in MATES before.
  • are 30 years of age or younger (inclusive).
    •   possess a qualification (Bachelor’s degree or above).
  • have graduated within the last two years from an approved educational institution.
  • have proficient English language skills (overall IELTS or equivalent score of at least 6, with a minimum score of 5 for each of the four parts).
How to Submit an Australian MATES Visa Application

1. Examine your qualifications for eligibility.
It is essential that you confirm your eligibility before applying for this visa. By now, you should be aware of the requirements in order to submit an application for an Australian METAS visa. Before proceeding to the next stage, confirm that you meet the qualifying requirements.

2. Get a Skills Evaluation
The skills evaluation is the most delicate and significant step in the Australian visa application process. Therefore, you must be informed of its requirements and standards in order to get a decent result. Your educational background and appropriate work experience are taken into account while evaluating your talents.

This information is for you: You must be aware that in order to safeguard the welfare of Australians, the Department of Home Affairs maintains stringent regulations and high requirements for immigration. The skills evaluation is one technique used to assess a candidate’s aptitude and appropriateness for the career they have chosen.
If you are not sure how to evaluate your abilities, you might want to explore speaking with professionals. You can also contact Pelican Migration to help you obtain a positive skills evaluation for a successful visa application.

3. Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).
It’s time to express your interest right now, and you have to register on a particular website to do so. Registering your Expression of Interest (EOI) will help you to put your commitment to participating in the MATES program into action.

4. Get an invitation to apply
The Department of Home Affairs will review your EOI and skills evaluation. The Department will extend an invitation to you to submit a MATES program visa application after a thorough review.
Recall that in this case, waiting for your invitation to apply and answering it as soon as you get it are essential.

5. Finish the application.
assemble the proof and supporting documents you’ll need for your application. Fill out the application correctly, then attach the required paperwork to it. Remember that a visa for admission into Australia may be revoked or rejected if fake documentation or misleading information is presented.

Applications for MATES will be accepted starting in late 2024. On platforms with a wider audience, comprehensive details on the visa subclass, application costs, and other relevant information will soon be accessible.
MATES is an important program that both countries will support. It strengthens collaboration between Australia and India in a number of areas and builds a solid basis for a thriving and long-lasting engagement between the two countries.


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