All about Settlement Visa – UK

You settle in the UK by obtaining indefinite leave to reside. It is also known as “settlement.” It grants you the freedom to stay in this country as long as you wish, work here, study here, and, if you qualify, ask for benefits. To apply for British citizenship, complete this form.

Depending on your situation, there are various ways to apply for indefinite permission to remain.

Working in the UK

If you have a work visa, you could be eligible to apply.

Typically, you have to have spent five years living and working in the UK. It may be two or three years if you hold a tier 1 visa. It may be three years if you have an innovator or global talent visa.

Depending on your visa, you might additionally need to meet the wage or financial requirements.

Having relatives in the UK

If you have a spouse, parent, child, or other relative who is a British citizen or who has indefinite right to reside in the country, you might be eligible to apply.

What visa you have and how your family member has settled affect how you apply.

If the following conditions apply:
  • Your relationship ended because of domestic violence
  • Your partner has passed away
  • If you’ve spent ten years residing in the UK
  • If you have resided in this country for ten years or more, you might be eligible to apply.
  • If you already hold a visa based on your private life, you can apply in a different way.
  • If you have a visa based on your private life (due to the time you’ve spent in the UK), there is an alternative approach to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

There are other options to apply for indefinite permission to remain if you are ineligible due to the period you spent in the UK.

You could be able to extend your stay for an additional two years if you are not qualified for indefinite leave to remain. You must have been continuously residing in the UK for the past ten years legally (also known as your “continuous residence”).

If you have lived in the UK for five years on a UK Ancestry visa and are a citizen of another country in the Commonwealth, you may apply.

In the UK, some Commonwealth citizens have the “right of abode.” This indicates that there are no restrictions on your ability to live or work in the UK. See if you can submit an application to demonstrate your right to abode in the UK.

If you apply under the Windrush program, for instance, you might be able to obtain citizenship instead.

How to apply for residency in the UK

To apply for your settlement, you must do so using either the Set (M) form or the Set (O) form. Depending on the kind of visa you presently have, you should use a particular form.

Form of Set (O):

To apply for a UK Settlement visa/ILR if you have a visa in one of the following immigration categories, you must use the Set (O) form:

  • PBS dependent
  • Employment not requiring a work permit
  • Work permit holders or dependents of work permit holders
  • Highly competent immigrant
  • Highly competent immigrant
  • UK ancestry
  • writer, composer or artist\s
  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrant\s
  • Tier 1 (Investor) migrant\s
  • Tier 2 migrant\sUK ancestry
  • grieving partner
  • not covered by other application forms, other purposes

It will also be necessary to provide proof that you have an annual salary of at least £18,600. You can do so by using money from your sponsor, British-earned earnings, your partner’s and your own state or private pensions, or cash savings of more than £16,000.

When submitting an application for ILR or settlement using the Set (M) form, certain papers will be needed, such as a passport, travel documents, a current visa, bank statements, tax returns, and proof of domicile. Additionally, you must present copies of your passport’s initial and last pages, as well as any pages with visa or immigration stamps.

For each person applying on the form, you will also need two passport-sized color photos with your full name printed on the back. So all dependents are included in this. Plus a passport sized photograph of your partner with their name written on the back.

All paperwork must be submitted in its original format. Any documents that are not in English or Welsh must be translated, signed, and date by a registered translator.

Set (M) form:

The Set (M) form must be used by the partner of a resident of the UK. Any children you have who are younger than 18 may be listed as dependents on this application.

To qualify, you must have met the requirements of residing in the UK for the previous five years on a spouse or civil partner visa.

Documentary proof similar to that needed for the Set (O) form must be provided. You can also be asked to provide proof of all absences from the UK throughout your qualifying period, in addition to those documents.



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Changes expected in Express Entry Draw

Changes expected in Express Entry Draw


Many people are beginning to look ahead to 2023 and the anticipated immigration developments after 2022. Many people are interested in learning what Canadian immigration will look like in 2023 after the publication of the new 2023–2025 immigration plans, updated NOC codes, and the passage of Bill C-19.

An applicant’s CRS score is determined by several factors, including their work experience, education, or language ability, as well as their age or whether they have family in Canada already. A candidate with the highest CRS score is more likely to receive an ITA in an Express Entry draw if they have the most points across all factors.

The IRCC has said that it will start holding targeted Express Entry lotteries in 2023. With targeted draws, the government would be better able to target people with in-demand talents and fill specific labour gaps.

The framework for conducting such targeted drawings would be provided by Bill C-19. The IRCC’s suggested groups would be used to determine which applicants could be invited under this measure. In order to fill specific needs, this would enable the IRCC to deliberately target people based on their profession, language, and/or educational background.

The current Express Entry all program draws, in accordance with Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser, do not adequately address present immigration needs. The country’s present immigration restrictions prevent it from hiring foreigners with the most in-demand qualifications and experience.

It is still unknown exactly how, what, or how frequently these targeted draws will take place. Targeted draws are anticipated to start in the first quarter of 2023, however no specific time has been specified as of yet.

Although the specific divisions have not been determined, they are probably going to be determined by things like employment history, educational background, or language competency in one of Canada’s official languages. For instance, they might invite only French speakers or people with experience in a certain in-demand profession to a round of interviews.

The most recent immigration plan supports immigration as a tactic to assist deal with labour shortages. Additionally, it strives to draw talent for vital fields like healthcare, skilled professions, manufacturing, and technology.

In order to solve these shortages and fill in-demand positions in the industries, Express Entry will be crucial.


The annual inflow of new immigrants to Canada will rise during the next three years. In 2023, Canada plans to take in 465,000 additional immigrants. In 2024, the goal will increase to 485,000 new immigrants. Additionally, it will increase to 500,000 additional immigrants in 2025.


The new strategy also seeks to expand regional initiatives. Like the Provincial Nominee Program, the Atlantic Immigration Program, and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot to address specific local labour market requirements.


By making sure that your profile is completely filled out, you can increase the likelihood that it will be chosen. Make sure that your profile contains all pertinent information because it is yet uncertain what groupings will exist.

It might be a good idea to have test results. For instance, if you are fluent in both French and English. This would help you get the most CRS points and increase the likelihood that your profile would be chosen for French language ability groupings.


Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa and work permit aspirants for several countries.

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All you need to know about Canada’s winter intake

What do you need to know about winter intake of International Students in CanadaWinter Intake


For international students, Canada offers three separate intakes. Winter, fall, and summer intake. Intakes may also be referred to as a semester at various Canadian universities. Following is a description of overseas students accepted into Canada:


The secondary intake for Canada’s winter season begins in January.


Therefore, since Fall/September Intake is the main intake and Winter/January Intake is for students who missed their chance in Fall, the majority of colleges offer all of their courses during Fall/September Intake. In Canada, January/Winter Intake features a wide variety of courses offered by numerous colleges.


The duration for Winter intake in Canada is during January. February, March and April.

In Canada, the winter intake is also know as the January intake. You may think of this intake as continuing the fall intake. Comparatively fewer institutes offer courses during the winter admission than during the fall intake.


When is the right time to apply for January intake for Canada?


Most students who didn’t get into the fall intake would choose the winter intake. Without having to wait an entire year, they will have another opportunity to complete their education. Winter brings a very chilly climate, making it uncomfortable to begin. In addition, students will need to adjust to the institute’s environment more quickly than students from the fall intake.


Deadline for January intake lies between September and October, but it generally varies from universities to universities.


How to Plan for Winter Intake in Canada in 2023?


In Canada, the admissions procedures and application deadlines start early. A year prior to the initial application form submission deadline, the complete process gets started. You should start your application procedure as soon as possible if you wish to enroll in Canada’s winter intake session.


You can begin your process by first starting with your research. Start with selecting the universities that you to enroll in and check their deadlines for applications. Make sure you make a note on all the important dates so you don’t miss any. Research about the course you want to take up along with the universities that are providing it.

Apply and take up the required competitive exams. Start your preparation for exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc, according to the requirements related to your course.

Take up the necessary English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. It is necessary that you qualify in these exams.


Once you’re done writing your exams, you can begin applying to universities. Make sure you include all the relevant supporting documentation, such as LORs and SOPs, which collectively demonstrate your uniqueness as a candidate.

Keep in mind the deadlines when submitting an application because all colleges and universities have shortlisted candidates for January 2023.


Universities will respond to your application via email and may request that select candidates appear in person for a virtual interview.

Most institutions operate on a first-come, first-served basis for admission; promptly notify the colleges you have been accepted from.

You must pay a non-refundable confirmation deposit fee in order to accept the university’s invitation.

You should apply for an education loan if you’ve been thinking about doing so, as you’ve already gotten your admission letter.

Don’t forget to submit your application before the deadline if you’re going the scholarship way.

Begin your visa application simultaneously so that you can kindly receive your visa for Canada.


Finally, after finishing the hassle-free process, it’s time to purchase your tickets and take off for Canada.

Don’t forget to bring all of your necessary paperwork, including photocopies of them.

You will be able to better control your spending in Canada if you have an international debit or credit card.


Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Update from IRCC on processing backlog applications!

Update from IRCC on processing backlog applications!
IRCC backlog


Almost 500,000 fewer applications have been submitted overall since August of this year, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). When compared to the same period in 2021, when the department processed 2.5 million applications, this is almost twice as many applications.

Since the period of June 1–6-2022, when the total number of applications backlogged in the system was reported to be 2,387,884 people, this is the shortest application backlog that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has ever seen.

The IRCC’s overall backlog of applications has decreased to 2.2 million as of December 2, 2022, from 2.6 million in September.


After the backlog was decreased to 2.4 million in November, the IRCC is now reporting a decrease in the number of unprocessed applications for the second consecutive period.


Temporary residence applications make up the majority of those that are processed. In 2022, IRCC processed 670,000 student permits and approximately 700,000 work permits. Approximately 251,000 new citizens arrived in Canada between April and November.


The IRCC has 2.2 million applications in stock as of December 2 of this year. According to IRCC data as of November 30, 1.09 million applications, or just over 50% of all applications, are now in a backlog or are not being handled in accordance with service requirements. The most recent data is down significantly from 2.6 million in September and is an improvement over the data from November 3, when there were 2.4 million applications in inventory.


All new spousal sponsorship applications are now processed within the pre-pandemic service norm of 12 months, according to the IRCC, and new Express Entry applications within 6 months. The pandemic backlog of requests for renewed permanent residence cards are also reduced by 99% by IRCC.

As of November 30, the IRCC’s stock of citizenship applications had decreased from 331,401 on October 31 to 314,630 (-5.06%).

The number of applications for permanent residency (PR) has increased by 1.16% to 512,342 as of November 3. (December 2).

Temporary residence (TR): From 1,537,566 in November to 1,416,125 in December, the total number of applications across all TR programs has decreased by 7.89%.

There are still 43,326 applications for Express Entry in the IRCC’s database, up 3,737 since November 3.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Total applications (basic + enhanced) in the database stand at 62,343.

The number of applicants for the Spouses and Partners sponsorship program is currently 62,106 across all business sectors.

Applications for the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) decreased by 1,883 from 55,653 in November to 53,770 in December 2022.


Since the beginning of the year, the COVID-19 pandemic-related travel bans and office closures have resulted in a significant backlog of applications that IRCC has been attempting to manage.

The IRCC has responded by making adjustments to address operational inefficiencies such the digitization of applications. For instance, all citizenship applications submitted by those above the age of 18 are now digital, and only 28% of the 318,000 applications now on file are regarded as backlogs.

In order to speed up the application processing process, the department also declared in August that it will hire 1,250 more employees by the end of the year.

By the end of 2025, the Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025 seeks to welcome and accept over 500,000 new permanent residents to Canada annually.

The nation is currently attempting to fill critical labour force deficits, hence the high objective. By 2030, up to nine million Canadians could be of retirement age, and there won’t be enough native-born citizens to fill the jobs that will become available as a result.


The IRCC has put up a variety of initiatives over the past year to boost the number of immigrants entering Canada. For instance, the IRCC has lowered the 20-hour work limit for international students and extended work licenses to spouses and dependent children of temporary foreign employees who are of working age.


Along with Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), the rural and Northern Immigration Pilot have also seen growth. Additionally, additional money for 2,000 skilled refugees will be provided via the Economic Mobility Pilot Program.

IRCC states that between January and October 2022 (4.2 million), it delivered 2 million more combined final application decisions on PR, TR, and citizenship applications than it did during the same time in 2018. (2.3 million total final decisions made between January and October 2021).

On September 23, 2022, IRCC started the process of totally digitizing its PR application management systems in an effort to continue lowering the backlog of applications around the country.

As a part of a larger three-phase effort to modernize Canadian immigration and aid in Canada’s eventual goal of eliminating the backlog completely, this digitization of applications for PR programs came to an end with the Atlantic Immigration program in October 2022.



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Points table for Australian PR!

Australia PR points

Australia has always been one of the popular choices for individuals who wish to migrate. The country has favorable factors such as thriving economy which means more job opportunities. Moreover, Australia has better quality of life and a multicultural society where there is peace and harmony to live.

Australia offers a permanent residency visa to immigrants. The Australia PR visa has a validity of 5 years. With a PR visa, you can move into Australia along with your family. You can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for 4 years with an Australia PR visa.

Australian points system helps you to understand the requirement for PR visa. Here, we share the information for your own benefit!

  1. Age:
Age Points
At least 18 but less than 25 years 25
At least  25 but less than 33 years 30
At least  33 but less than 40 years 25
At least  40 but less than 45 years 15


2. English Language Skills

English Points
Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20


3. Skilled Employment Visa

Overseas skilled employment – (outside Australia)

Number of Years Points
Less than 3 years 0
At least 3 but less than 5 years 5
At least 5 but less than 8 years 10
At least 8 years 15


Australian skilled employment – (in Australia)

Number of Years Points
Less than 1 year 0
At least 1 but less than 3 years 5
At least 3 but less than 5 years 10
At least 5 but less than 8 years 15
At least 8 years 20


4. Education Qualification

Requirements Points
A Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or a Doctorate from another educational institution, that is of a recognized standard. 20
At least a Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or at least a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution, that is of a recognized standard. 15
A diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution. 10
Attained a qualification or award recognized by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation as being suitable for that occupation 10


5. Specialist Education Qualification

Requirements Points
A Masters degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution that included at least 2 academic years study in a relevant field. 10


6. Australian Study Requirement

Requirements Points
Meet the Australian study requirement 5


7. Professional Year in Australia

Requirements Points
Completion of a Professional Year in Australia 5


8. Credentialed Community College

Requirements Points
Hold a recognized qualification in a credentialed community language 5


9. Study in Regional Australia

Requirement Points
You must have at least 1 degree, diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution that satisfies the Australian study requirement obtained while living and studying in an eligible area of regional Australia 5


10. Partner Skills

Requirement Points
Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and meet age, English and skill criteria

For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.  Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa that they:

  • Were under 45 years old
  • Had competent English
  • Nominated a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation
  • Suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated skilled occupation, and the assessment wasn’t for a Subclass 485 visa.
Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and has competent English


For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.

You are single or your partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident 10


Australia welcomed 171,000 immigrants in the year 2022. Coming years are expected to be bigger than 2022, it is better to prepare oneself for the coming year to migrate to dream destination! Apply for Australian Immigration with Emigrantz Global Consultancy.

Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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2023 – Immigration preparation!

Numerous best country rankings continue to place Canada at the top because, from a variety of angles, it is the best place to live, work, study, or settle permanently. This is the reason that every year, a sizable number of gifted and skilled individuals apply for immigration to Canada under the PR (Permanent Residence) category.

In actuality, the Canadian government now grants PR visas to more than 400,000 individuals annually. The Immigration Levels Plan, which details how many immigrants will be accepted over the following three years, is released by the IRCC each year.

The IRCC issued their immigration levels strategy for the years 2023 to 2025 on November 1, 2022.

The following are the main points of this immigration plan:

  1. According to this plan, 1.4 million additional permanent residents will arrive to Canada during the next three years, from 2023 to 2025.
  2. In 2023, the IRCC will accept 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023,
  3. This target will further increase to 485,000 in 2024 and
  4. It’s remarkable that the Canadian government will welcome a massive 500,000 immigrants in 2025.

Programs for economic immigration, such Express Entry, PNP, AIP, etc., will admit close to 60% of new immigrants.

It is therefore necessary for you to get your file ready and submit it as soon as possible if you want to obtain a permanent resident visa for Canada.

The majority of new permanent residents, or 105,500, will be accepted by the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of Canada in 2023. As a result, applicants who are not invited through the EE system have the option of applying for a PR visa in Canada based on provincial nomination.

Here are a few convincing reasons to move to Canada right now:

  1. Between 2023 and 2025, Canada will welcome a sizable number of new permanent residents.
  2. In its biannual Express Entry draws, the IRCC continuously lowers the CUT OFF for Express Entry and raises the number of  invitations.
  3. To enable quicker application processing and shorter wait times, the Canadian government is continuously easing the visa process and requirements.
  4. According to Statistics Canada’s most recent Labour Force Survey report, the number of unemployed Canadians is declining, and more jobs are now available in the land of the maple leaf.
  5. The IRCC is implementing the new NOC version 2021 for Canadian PNPs and Express Entry. The TEER system, which divides occupations into numeric categories of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, will be used in the new NOC version, which will provide additional explanation on the certification or training required for a function.



Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Know all about IRCC

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is the department of the Canadian government in charge of aspects relevant to immigration, refugees, and citizenship in Canada. In 1994, the department was created after a reorganization.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act outlines the mandate of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. The Citizenship Act of 1977 and any subsequently passed changes are administered by the Minister of IRCC. When it comes to the execution of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Minister of IRCC and the Minister of Public Safety team up.

To protect the health, safety, and security of Canadians, IRCC has the duty to conduct “the screening of possible permanent and temporary residents.” The IRCC is also in charge of issuing and maintaining Canadian passports and other travel documents that help Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and protected persons travel.

The IRCC will keep promoting programs and services aimed at assisting immigrants to successfully integrate and fully live the Canadian way of life, boosting their capacity to contribute to the development of better communities as part of its ongoing efforts to create a “stronger Canada” in collaboration with its partners. Instill in them, without regard to their ethnicity or religious beliefs, the ideals, obligations, and responsibilities of new Canadians. Additionally, it strives to improve its immigration and humanitarian policies and programs.

The goal of IRCC is to contribute to making Canada stronger through immigration in order to maintain its well-known humanitarian initiatives on a global scale. The vision is to firmly establish the objective of establishing a predictable economic agenda as well as its social and cultural environment.

The word “Immigration” in the department’s name refers to Canada’s attempts to create and uphold an immigration policy that benefits both Canadians and newcomers. Most Canadians may trace their foreign heritage back a few generations because of the progressive, open immigration policy that Canada has historically had. Immigration is anticipated to continue to play a significant part in Canada’s future as it faces a demographic crisis and seeks to have robust economic growth and security.

There are two main elements that are reflected in the ‘Refugees’ section of IRCC. First, the number of refugees worldwide has increased as a result of recent instability and conflict in various parts of the world. These people, often in incredibly difficult circumstances, have been displaced from their homes. As of June 2015, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there were 60 million refugees worldwide.

The second thing to take into account is how quickly and compassionately the current administration has dealt with this problem. Trudeau and other prominent Liberal Party members insisted that the best course of action for Canada and international refugees would be for Canada to increase the number of refugees settled in the country and provide additional resources to ensure security and opportunities for refugees over the long term. This position remained throughout the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign.

The fact that it offers a road to citizenship for people who make the important life decision to immigrate to Canada is one of the distinguishing features of Canadian immigration law. A humiliating and emotional milestone in an immigrant’s life is frequently obtaining Canadian citizenship and joining the Canadian family.

IRCC still places a high priority on citizenship, just as it did before the division’s name change.



Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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New job additions in Ontario & Saskatchewan

The huge increase in open positions is the result of a severe labor shortage. In Canada, employees leave their positions at a higher rate than they get hired. This occurs as a result of a large population of workers who are close to retirement.

Advancements in technology have brought many changes to the world. The advancement of technology in the field of medicine and health care has led to an increase in demand for nurses. This has led to a significant increase in the number of nursing jobs available.

The recent months have seen an increase in job opportunities across Ontario & Saskatchewan. The advancement of technology and its impact on industries has increased the need for skilled labor force.

Many businesses are hiring qualified individuals with good knowledge in various fields such as IT, Engineering, Accountancy, Business and etc. Such people will be able to contribute their skills and knowledge to enhance the efficiency levels at work place.

The unemployment rate in Ontario and Saskatchewan has dropped to its lowest point in more than two years.

The Canadian labor force survey released shows that the unemployment rate in both provinces fell to 5.1 per cent in June. That’s the lowest it’s been since January 2016, when it was 4.9 per cent.

The number of people working increased by 56,000 jobs across Canada over the last month, according to Statistics Canada’s latest labor force report. In addition to job gains in Ontario and Saskatchewan, the country saw an increase of 37,000 positions involving temporary help agencies or recruitment agencies, as well as a gain of 3,600 jobs in the construction sector.

The latest job data from Statistics Canada shows that there were more jobs created in Ontario and Saskatchewan in July than in any other province.

Ontario saw an increase of 32,000 jobs, while Saskatchewan had a growth of 15,000 positions.

“The overall economy is growing at a moderate pace and there’s room for this to continue,” said Craig Alexander, chief economist with Bank of Montreal. “In the next few months we’re going to see some hiring activity.”

In Canada, there were 994, 800 open employments in September, a 3.8% increase across all industries. The job vacancy rate (the total number of open positions as a percentage of labor demand) increased by 5.7%, which indicates a continuing need to fill these open positions in order to offset labor shortages.

Despite the fact that September typically has many job openings due to seasonal and regular causes, Canada’s unemployment rate remained high in September.




Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Top places to visit during this holiday season

If you are looking to visit some of the top tourist destinations around the globe during the holiday season, then this guide is for you. Here we have listed some of the best places that offer an amazing experience no matter what time of year it is.

New York City, USA

New York City is one of the most visited cities in America. It’s also one of the largest and most diverse cities in America. This means that there are plenty of attractions to see! In addition to being home to some great museums and attractions like Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and more; New York has a rich culture that dates back thousands of years ago when it was first settled by Native Americans before becoming part of British rule during colonial times (17th century). Today it remains culturally diverse with people from all over throughout Asia Pacific Europe Latin America Africa Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Africa North Africa South Asia Australia New Zealand who come here because they want something different from their lives back home…

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a great place to visit in the summer. It has a lot of beaches, and the weather is warm. You can go on an adventure by taking a cruise or going on a night tour around town. If you want some fun things to do with your family, this will be an ideal destination for all ages!

Paris, France

  • Paris is the capital of France.
  • It’s the most visited city in the world, with over 100 million tourists a year.
  • It has a rich history, including being home to some of France’s greatest artists and writers.
  • In addition to its cultural significance, Paris is also home to many attractions and sights such as: The Eiffel Tower; Musee d’Orsay; Louvre Museum (one of Europe’s largest museums); Notre Dame Cathedral; Sacre Coeur Basilica; Centre Pompidou-Metz architectonic complex – all within walking distance from each other!

London, England

London is a great place to visit during the holiday season. The city has a number of Christmas markets and events that can be enjoyed by visitors from around the world. If you’re looking for more than just shopping and eating, there are many museums and attractions in London that will keep you busy while you’re there. The National Gallery houses some of Britain’s finest works of art, including paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn and Canaletto; other museums include Tate Modern (which houses contemporary art) and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (home to celebrities).


Singapore is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. It’s well connected with the rest of the world, and it’s a popular destination for tourists.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia, and it has a population of over 12 million people. Moscow is also one of the largest cities in Europe and a major political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Russia.

Moscow is known as “The Russian Jewel” because it was built on seven hills (or “mountains”). The city was founded by Czar Ivan the Terrible in 1427 on an island where he had been staying after conquering Novgorod; this made it easier for him to control his northern territories.

In 1612 when Peter I moved his court from Archangel to Moscow after creating Russian Empire during reigns as emperor (1689–1725). He chose this location because it had good communication with neighboring countries such as Poland which might have hostile intentions towards Russia at times when needed most during wars against Ottoman Empire or Sweden/Norway’s invasion attempts over Crimea peninsula controlled by Crimean Khanate prior 1790s until 1856 when Crimean War broke out between Britain/France vs Ottoman Empire

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a great place to visit during the winter season. It has many attractions, including the Burj Khalifa and the Atlantis resort. The city also has a great night life with lots of bars and nightclubs where you can hang out with friends or go out alone if you want to get some drinks and dance until sunrise.

Dubai is known for its shopping malls as well as some really amazing beaches along the Persian Gulf that are perfect for taking pictures at sunset or swimming in cooler water than what’s available at home!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great city to visit during the holiday season. It has many things to do and see, including shopping and nightlife, as well as food, history and more.

The best part about Barcelona is that it’s so easy to get around—you don’t need a car if you don’t want one (which most people do). There are buses everywhere! They’ll take you anywhere in town for only €1-2 per ride (or less). If you’re renting an apartment or staying at someone’s house/hostel, then they usually offer free transportation from place-to-place too!

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s also one of our favorite places to travel during this time of year. There are so many things to do and see here that it can be overwhelming at first! If you’re new to Tokyo or coming back after an extended absence, we’ve got some tips for making sure you have a great time:

  • Make sure you eat ramen every day (or at least once). Ramen is arguably more than just soup—it’s a way of life in Japan! Try some different variations on your favorite shop by visiting their online menus before heading out for dinner; then head over with friends later tonight after work or tomorrow morning when they open up shop again…and don’t forget your chopsticks either! You’ll find them hanging on display racks throughout every store because they’re considered important enough not only serve as utensils but also decorations too!

Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital of China and also the second most populous city in the world. The city is known for its temples, imperial palaces, and parks. Beijing has a lot to offer travelers during this holiday season:

  • You can visit one of four UNESCO World Heritage sites while you’re there! These include Badaling Great Wall (the best part), Juyongguan Great Mosque Mosque Wall (a beautiful view), Summer Palace (a historic site), or Temple of Heaven Park (which houses many Buddhist statues).
  • There are also plenty of things to do if you’re feeling adventurous: hike up Huairou Hill; take a stroll along Muxidi Street with its shopping malls and restaurants; go shopping at Wangfujing Shopping District; visit Baoding Lake Park for some outdoor recreation.

Holiday season is also the best time to visit some of the top destinations around the globe

New York City, USA: New York City is one of the most popular places to visit during any holiday season due to its rich history and culture. It has been home to many famous people like Walt Disney and Michael Jackson who left their mark on this city with their work or philanthropic efforts. The city offers so much more than just shopping at Macy’s department store; there are plenty of other things you can do while visiting here such as experiencing Broadway shows or taking a boat ride on Central Park Lake amongst others! Sydney, Australia: Australia has many wonderful natural wonders that make it an ideal place for holidaymakers from all over world who want a break from their busy lives back home when they travel down under for vacation purposes! One thing about this continent that makes it unique compared other countries listed above (aside from having nice beaches) is how easy it would be getting around using public transportation systems provided by each individual state government – making travelling easier than ever before! Paris France: France’s capital city has been known since ancient times as one benefits from being located near major tourist attractions such as Eiffel Tower; Notre Dame Cathedral; Arc de Triomphe etcetera.. If interested go ahead


So, when you decide to go on holiday, don’t just think about where you’re going. Think about what’s going on in the world around you as well. You’ll be surprised how much more interesting your trip will be!




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Know more about UK’s Priority Visa

The UK Visa Priority Scheme is a fast-track immigration service designed to provide the best possible decision on visa applications. The scheme helps applicants to get visas quickly and easily through an independent adjudicator who will assess your application.

For Visit Visas

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) is providing fewer Priority Visa (PV) appointments for visit visas each week in locations where these are available in order to help manage the high demand for visit visa applications around the world.

Where offered, Super Priority Visa (SPV) services for visit visas will continue to be accessible as usual.

The UKVI will be able to handle more regular applications and eventually cut the total processing time for all customers by reducing the number of Priority Visa appointments for new visit visa applications.

For Study and Work Visas

For new study and the majority of job applicants, priority visa and super priority visa appointments are available. Where they are available, there is no decrease in the number of Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa appointments available for applications to study and work.

For Family Visas

For new family visa applications, the Priority and Super Priority services are still suspended. UKVI will continue to monitor this. On GOV.UK, more details can be accessed.

How to schedule appointments for Super Priority and Priority Visas?

When you book your appointment, Priority and Super Priority Visas, where applicable, will be displayed. When appointments are marked as unavailable, the weekly allotment of appointments has already been filled.

Once a week, more Priority Visa appointments will be made available. Every week, the same time will be set aside for the release of all new Priority Visa appointments.

Super Priority and Retrospective Priority No visa category currently offers any services related to visas.

Processing times and Costs

Priority visa services cost an extra £500 on top of the standard visa application fees, and the results are sent in just five days.

In addition to the standard visa fee of £800, the super priority visa service has a one-day turnaround time.

How to apply?

When applying, select the priority service if you are eligible. The service is £500 more than the application price, and a decision is made in just five days. The day of your appointment or the first working day after you finish uploading all of your documents is when you can start counting the decision-making period.

If you choose super priority service when applying for a standard visa, the result will be available the following working day. If your appointment was scheduled on a weekday or two working days later if it was scheduled for the weekend or even a holiday, this will occur.





Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

We are just a call / email away to help you in making your dreams come true.

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