Updates On Upcoming Immigration Pathways to UK
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The UK Government announced significant changes to the UK immigration rules (the Rules). These changes take effect on various dates between 6 April 2022 and 22 August 2022. The changes include introducing new immigration routes, as well as rebranding and updating existing routes to attract top talent to the UK.

Visa application process

New immigration routes have opened for applications to work, live and study in the UK.

You can apply and pay for your visa online.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to provide your biometric information.

Skilled workers

The points-based system includes a route for skilled workers who have a job offer from an approved employer sponsor.

The job you’re offered will need to be at a required skill level of RQF3 or above (equivalent to A level). You’ll also need to be able to speak English and be paid the relevant salary threshold by your sponsor. This will either be the general salary threshold of £25,600 or the going rate for your job, whichever is higher.

If you earn less than this – but no less than £20,480 – you may still be able to apply by ‘trading’ points on specific characteristics against your salary. For example, if you have a job offer in a shortage occupation or have a PhD relevant to the job.

Global talent scheme

The global talent scheme has been opened up to EU, EEA and Swiss citizens. It allows highly-skilled scientists and researchers to come to the UK without a job offer.

International students and graduates

Student visa routes have been opened up to EU, EEA and Swiss citizens. You can apply for a visa to study in the UK if you:

  • have been offered a place on a course
  • can speak, read, write and understand English
  • have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course

A new graduate visa is available to international students who have completed a degree in the UK.

Visiting the UK

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and other non-visa nationals do not require a visa to enter the UK when visiting the UK for up to 6 months. All migrants looking to enter the UK for other reasons (such as work or study) will need to apply for entry clearance in advance.

Getting married

You must apply for a Marriage Visitor visa if you want to visit the UK to get married or register a civil partnership.

If you or your family are from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein

You may need to apply for a Marriage Visitor visa if you want to visit the UK to get married or register a civil partnership.


The introduction of new routes for highly skilled workers to come to the UK will be seen as a positive step in recruiting and retaining top talent in the UK.

The UK Government intends to introduce further changes to the Rules as part of its “New Plan for Immigration” in hopes to develop a UK immigration system that will contribute to economic growth in the UK. At present these are not believed to include a replacement for the Investor category.






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New Zealand Immigration – latest Updates
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New Zealand Borders Reopen To Over 60 Visa Waiver Countries

After allowing highly skilled workers and Working Holiday visa makers a few weeks ago, this week marks another major step towards a complete reopening of New Zealand, as the borders reopen to visitors from 60 visa waiver countries. The countries permitted that are known as ‘visa waiver countries’ include most of Europe and the Americas, as well as parts of Asia and the Middle East. Monday 2nd May saw Auckland and Christchurch airports welcome the reunion of many families who had not been able to see each other for over 2 years.

New Visa For Ukrainian Families

The New Zealand government has released a new temporary visa to help Ukrainians in New Zealand bring their family still in Ukraine to New Zealand.

Applications for the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa are open for 12 months from 15 March 2022.

Who is eligible for a 2022 Special Ukraine Visa?

To be eligible, you must have family members in New Zealand who are eligible to sponsor you.

You must be physically in Ukraine as at January 2022, and meet the usual and health and character requirements.

Who can be a sponsor?

Eligible family members in New Zealand can sponsor their:

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • siblings
  • adult children

Each of these applicants can include their partners and dependent children in their visa application.

To be eligible to sponsor, you must:

  • Be ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • Be a New Zealand citizen or the holder of a current residence class visa
  • Have been born in Ukraine, or have held citizenship or be a permanent resident of Ukraine, and
  • Be an acceptable sponsor for a temporary visa.

Sponsors will be responsible for your accommodation and living expenses while in New Zealand.

New Zealand Borders Reopen To Skilled Workers

In line with step 2 of the Government’s staged approach to reopening NZ borders, skilled workers offshore may now seek a border exemption and Critical Purpose visa, subject to a job offer in New Zealand.

New workers

You will be deemed critical worker and qualify for a border exemption and Critical Purpose Visa if you are offered at least 1.5 times the median wage (NZD $84,240 a year or NZD $40.50 an hour) for a role longer than 6 months

The requirement to demonstrate that your skills are not readily obtainable in New Zealand has also been removed.

These workers may enter NZ with their partners and dependent children to take up employment.

Family reunification

In line with the criteria above, if you are currently working in New Zealand, earning at least 1.5 times the median wage, and your family has been unable to join you from offshore due to border restrictions, they may now seek a Critical Purpose Visa to travel to New Zealand.

Working Holiday Visas Reopen

As part of the 5-step approach to reopening NZ borders, the Government is reopening uncapped Working Holiday schemes from 14 March 2022. On 14 March 2022, the following working holiday schemes will open to applicants from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Japan. All others will open on a rolling basis with all schemes to be reopened by 13 September 2022.

Immigration New Zealand is also reactivating certain Working Holiday visas granted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously-granted Working Holiday visas

People granted Working Holiday Visa from offshore have been unable to enter New Zealand due to border restrictions. As part of the staged reopening of New Zealand borders, the Government is granting new Working Holiday Visas to about 19,500 people who:

  • were granted a Working Holiday Visa on or after 20 March 2019, and
  • are offshore and have been unable to enter New Zealand, and
  • have not subsequently been granted a new visa under a different category.








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Man touches ielts acronym on virtual screen. IELTS International English Language Testing System. English test exam education concept.
How IELTS helps you in building your career


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that measures the language proficiency of people who want to work, study, or settle in English-speaking areas. An easy-to-use 9-band scale clearly identifies proficiency level, from non-user (band 1) through to expert (band 9). You can take the test at more than 1100 locations and there are 48 test dates a year.

In most countries where English is the main language of communication, evidence of acceptable English language skills is a prerequisite for applicants and international graduates seeking professional registration. IELTS can give you the evidence you need when applying for a higher education program or professional organization.

It’s important to note that the level of English language proficiency required by organisations varies by profession, by country and by jurisdiction. It’s up to the individual professional registration bodies to set their own requirements. However, employers in industries such as medicine, accounting, engineering, law, government, tourism and more may all ask for IELTS from potential employees, making IELTS Academic an important step along the way to the university or professional organization of your choice.


Types of IELTS test

Depending upon the purpose of interest to take IELTS test, the exam is further categorized into IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. 

IELTS Academic Test

This exam is suitable for students who want to pursue a bachelor or postgraduate degree programme or the ones who are seeking professional registration in the UK.

Professional registration means you will get certification in reference of your profession. You will be entitled to use qualification titles such as Engineer (Eng.), Doctor (Dr.) or Technician.

IELTS General Training

This exam is taken by ones who are either planning to study, work or train in an English native land like Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the U.K.

In this exam, you will be evaluated on the basis of everyday usage of the language with the content or questions focussed on workplace and social situations.


IELTS Gives Employers Real Proof of Your English Language Proficiency

Whether you want to take your career abroad and find enriching work opportunities in another country, or access a new profession in your home country, demonstrating your English language proficiency can be an important step in obtaining a visa and proving to employers that you have the English-speaking skills they’re looking for.

While you may already have some basic conversational English skills, you will need to show that you are fluent enough to take on the realities of living in an English-speaking country. IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations around the world, including governments, immigration bodies, and potential employers.






Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Scale Up Visa UK – Latest Updates 2022

What is a Scale-Up visa?

The Scale-Up visa is a route which enables businesses in the U.K. to recruit talented foreign nationals who have the skills needed to allow the Scale-Up business to continue growing. One of the main benefits of the visa is its exemption from the Immigration Skills Charge. The Scale-Up visa is a route to settlement in the U.K.

What is the New UK Scale-Up Visa?

The Scale-Up visa is a work visa aimed at those who have high levels of skills and qualifications and it is going to launch in Spring 2022. The new scheme was initially mentioned by the Home Office in a policy paper entitled, ‘New plan for immigration: legal migration and border control strategy statement’.1 It was later confirmed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in last Autumn’s budget speech.
The aim of the Scale-Up visa is to make it easier and quicker for companies experiencing rapid growth (i.e. those in the Scale-Up phase) to hire the best-skilled labour from around the world. A ‘Scale-Up’ is a business that is experiencing a rapid phase of growth and is ready to move to the next stage of its commercial development. Such businesses tend to be past the start-up phase and have built up greater confidence when it comes to returning on investment (ROI).
In some sectors (such as Fintech), it is known that there is a high reliance on overseas skilled talent. The new Scale-Up visa is needed to ensure that growth companies do not need to move to a different country to find the skills they require.
Here we will take a look at who will be able to apply for a Scale-Up visa UK, the eligibility requirements for businesses, the difference between a Scale-Up visa and a skilled worker visa, and staying longer on a Scale-Up visa, including gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Who can apply for the new Scale-Up visa UK?

The UK Scale-Up visa 2022 is a work visa for those with high levels of skills and qualifications but will differ from the Skilled Worker visa in that no sponsorship is needed to acquire one (a job offer is still required, however). Full details of the Scale-Up visa UK eligibility are not yet known but will be made available in due course prior to the Spring 2022 launch of the scheme.
It is expected the UK Scale-Up visa 2022 will be open to those meet below requirements:
• High levels of skills or who are academically elite
• a highly skilled job offer with a UK business that meets the criteria of a Scale-Up company
• a salary of at least £33,000
• Sufficient English language proficiency
We will let you know when the Scale-Up visa UK requirements are confirmed.

What is an eligible business?

In order to sponsor an overseas worker under the UK Scale-Up visa 2022 scheme, Scale-Up Visa UK companies will need to meet certain eligibility criteria. It is expected that businesses will need to show they have achieved:
• 3 years of annual average revenue, or
• employment growth of 20%, and
• at the start of the 3-year period, the business must have had at least ten employees.
At present, it is believed there are around 34,000 businesses that would fit the criteria of Scale-Up visa UK companies. Those who meet these requirements will be able to apply through a fast-track application system. Given that businesses will not need to apply for and gain a sponsorship licence under this scheme, this will reduce the time to recruit skilled overseas personnel considerably.
It is also possible that these requirements will be broadened to include other companies which are expected to reach the status of Scale-Up. There may also be some flexibility in how the requirements are applied, given that rates of growth will not be as high as expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020.

Scale-Up Visa vs Skilled Worker Visa

Both visas are part of the Home Office’s points-based immigration system, and both require a job offer from a UK employer, but only the Skilled Worker visa requires applicants to be formally sponsored. This means that Scale-Up employers will not need to apply for, gain, and maintain a sponsor licence.
The salary requirement for the Scale-Up visa is also higher at £33,000 compared to £25,600 for the Skilled Worker visa. Both visas also require applicants to meet English language requirements.
Another possible difference between these two schemes is the fast-tracking of applications under the Scale-Up Visa application process. While details are not yet available, it is possible that applications will be processed within just a couple of days. Indeed, according to the Scale-Up Institute, given the small window of time for securing skilled labour from overseas, this should ideally be within 72 hours2. This compares with 3 weeks under the skilled worker visa for applications made outside the UK and 8 weeks for applications made in the UK.

Can the Scale-Up visa be extended?

It is expected that the Scale-Up visa will allow holders and their eligible dependant family members to extend their stay in the UK. While it is yet to be confirmed, we expect extensions will allow holders to stay for up to 5 years, at which point they will be able to apply for settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR).




Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.
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Australian map-coronavirus measures
Australia Immigration – 2022, stats so far and way forward

Get the latest and most up to date information on Australia immigration by following, keeping abreast of the latest developments in Australia immigration will help you prepare better for your move to Australia.

17th March 2022:

Australia’s Canberra Matrix Invitation Round invited 129 candidates

Candidates were invited to apply for the nomination in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). On March 17, 2022, the nominations were announced.

The nominations are open to both immigrants and citizens, according to the ACT.

The cut-off scores change depending on the occupation cap and demand. It invited applicants from a variety of occupations. The highest-ranking candidates are invited.

Details of the draw

The details of the draw are below:

Type of residents Occupation group Under nomination Number of candidates invited
Canberra residents Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 3
491 nominations 44
Overseas applicants Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 5
491 nominations 77


8th March 2022:

Australia Canberra draw invites 79 candidates to apply for ACT nomination

A Canberra Matrix draw was held on March 8, 2022, where 79 immigration candidates were invited. Here are more details of the draw:

Canberra residents

Matrix nominations for Small Business Owners

  • 491 nominations: 1 invitation (70 points)
  • 190 nominations: 1 invitation (100 points)

Matrix nominations for Critical Skill Occupations

  • 491 nominations: 26 invitations
  • 190 nominations: 11 invitations

Matrix nominations for Subclass 457 / Subclass 482 visa holders

  • 491 nominations: 0 invitation

190 nominations: 1 invitation


3rd March 2022:

South Australia invites offshore applicants from over 250 occupations for migration

The South Australian state government announced on March 3, 2022 that 259 new vocations would be added to the list of occupations. Immigrant workers in the required occupational list are entitled to apply for a ROI, or Registration of Interest, in order to be considered for a state nomination.

Foreign nationals who are eligible for the ROI program can apply for temporary and permanent residency in Australia.

The spokesman notes that, while it is available to companies throughout South Australia, it is only available to sites with specific postcodes.

The DAMA in Adelaide City Technology and Innovation Advancement lists 60 vocations available in metropolitan Adelaide.

Employers in South Australia will be able to use the DAMA to fund skilled foreign workers in occupations where they are unable to hire Australian workers.

The qualifications for state nomination will differ depending on the occupation. The occupation’s subclasses would follow the exact conditions.


18th February 2022:

Canberra Matrix Invitation Round: 18 February 2022

The Canberra Matrix held draw on February 18, 2022, and invited 116 candidates to apply for ACT nomination in each occupation group. Details of the draw are given below:

Type of residents Occupation group Under nomination Number of candidates invited Minimum score
Canberra residents Matrix nominating Small Business Owners 190 nominations 2 85
491 nominations 1 75
Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders 190 nominations 1 NA
491 nominations 0 NA
Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 42 NA
491 nominations 58 NA
Overseas applicants Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 4 NA
491 nominations 52 NA


8th February 2022:

Australia has expedited the processing of pending visa applications

The processing of pending visa applications has commenced in Australia. Visas for persons with an urgent need to travel, non-citizens with compelling and compassionate circumstances, and those with crucial talents required to maintain the supply of essential goods and services are currently given priority.

Australia’s immigration minister Alex Hawke said, “We are building back healthy pipelines of working holiday makers, and we are processing these visas very quickly.”

Many applications are currently being reviewed by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), which has cautioned that processing times may lengthen further.

The DHA is now prioritizing travellers who are not subject to any travel restrictions.


8th February 2022:

Australia issues 400 invitations in latest immigration draw

Australia has decided to reopen its international borders to fully vaccinated travellers from February 21. This will include visitors and tourists. The country has already eased its restrictions for skilled migrants, international students and those coming on a working holiday visa from December 2021.

International travellers must have proof of their two vaccine doses or have a valid medical reason for not getting vaccinated.

Meanwhile the DHA held a third invitation round on January 21, 2022 where it invited candidates under Subclass 189 and Subclass 491 visa.

Here are the details:

Visa Subclass No. of invitations
Subclass 189 200
Subclass 491 (Family Sponsored) 200





Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Immigration and passport control at the airport. woman border control officer puts a stamp in the US passport of american citizen. Concept
Immigration in 2022 – which country to choose and why is it a good time to start?

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. Commuters, tourists, and other short-term stays in a destination country do not fall under the definition of immigration or migration; seasonal labour immigration is sometimes included, however.

The 5 best countries to migrate with your family

This is a golden era for migration. Leading economies across the world are seeking highly qualified professionals who can help them unleash their next level of growth. Whether it is the US, the UK, Canada or countries in Europe, each nation has created and launched migrant friendly programs and laws to bring the best and brightest to their shores. Offering an unbeatable standard of living, extensive benefits for residents and a social welfare system managed by established institutions, these countries are the most sought after destinations for migrants from across the world. Below is a list of the best countries for professionals looking to migrate with their families.


Canada is one of the world’s most migrant friendly nations. Bordering the US, Canada is a massive country that holds a lot more global sway than its small population would suggest. It has a long history of welcoming migrants with Indian origin residents being among the most successful sections of Canadian society. With a beautiful landscape, free healthcare, free education and a strong social welfare system, Canada offers an idyllic life for migrants to settle with their families. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolises that are welcoming to all. The French speaking province of Quebec offers a unique flavour to the Canadian way of life.
For migrants, Canada is a unique destination. By positively harnessing immigration, Canada has created a culture that becomes richer with every accepted migrant. Several generations of migrants now call Canada home and pockets of Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, and other communities all live in harmony here.

About Canada’s immigration process:

• – Highly streamlined immigration programs for professionals of all backgrounds to settle with their families.
• – The Regional Nominee Programs, Trade Skills Programs, Entrepreneur Programs and other focused immigration programs are ideal for applicants.
• – By making it easy for talent from across the world to apply for a Canadian PR, Canada hopes to become more competitive on the global stage.


The land down under is a firm favourite for professional’s keen on migrating with their families. Australia offers an incredible quality of life to all residents and a social security net that is driven by the idea of serving all. It is a breathtakingly beautiful continent with a variety of geographies, cultures, and unique natural habitats. Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney consistently rank among the most liveable cities in the world. The easy-going culture makes it easy for migrants from across the world to settle and assimilate into the Australian way of life.
Over the past few years, Australia has set in motion a massive modernisation drive as they seek to expand their global presence. From defence to the environment to manufacturing, the Australian government’s long term vision is to make the nation stronger, more sustainable and more digitised. Huge investments are being poured into every essential sector to create a platform for Australia’s future growth. This is the perfect time to begin your journey to migrate to Australia.

About Australia’s immigration process:

• – Australia’s immigration policies are among the most open and they welcome migrants with open arms.
• – The Australian Skill Select immigration program is points-driven and can be summarised into a single line: the higher the points you score, the greater your chances of successfully settling in Australia. The system accords points on the basis of your educational qualifications, your work experience, family status and other criteria.
– Australia has a huge demand for talent and every day, more potential applicants turn their eyes to Australia. The best time to apply to settle in Australia is now.


Brexit may have dealt a shock to the UK establishment but skilled professionals keen on migrating to the island nation have never had it better. The UK Government has launched a slew of programs to invite professionals from trade, medical, engineering and business backgrounds to apply for migration. There is a massive need for experienced professionals to fill the gaps across industries and there is no time like now to apply for a PR. Life in the UK is something that would be familiar to most Indian applicants. Its English-speaking environment, well-known culture, large and well established Indian populace all make it an enticing destination. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious companies and educational institutions, the UK is a place where you could settle down in comfort.

About UK’s immigration process:

• – The UK immigration process has become more streamlined with the introduction of a points based system.
• – There are certain minimum criteria applicants must meet and a minimum set of points one must accrue to apply.
• – Successfully migrating to the UK can be a life changing event for you and your family. Y-Axis migration counsellors can help you understand and prepare for your UK migration process.


As Europe’s industrial powerhouse, Germany is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. They are known for their engineering strength with some of the world’s leading automotive and manufacturing companies headquartered there. There are thousands of opportunities for skilled professionals across sectors. Living in Germany also opens up the rest of Europe, allowing you to travel to other European Union countries without applying for separate visas. Germany offers its residents incredible social benefits including free healthcare, free college education and retirement benefits for those who become citizens. Germany is also one of the most important cultural hubs of Europe. Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg are some of the most popular cities with thriving sub-cultures heavily influenced by immigrants who call it home.

About Germany’s immigration process:

• – The German immigration process is designed to enable professionals to get a job and gain a residence permit which can then enable them to settle in Germany with their families.
• – The German Jobseeker Visa allows applicants to visit Germany for a certain period of time and find a job.
• – The Working (Employment) Visa enables applicants who have found a job to continue to work in Germany. This can then be converted to a residence permit.
• – Eventually, residence permit holders may be able to apply for citizenship which will enable them to avail all the benefits of being a German citizen.
• – This is a time sensitive opportunity for those who want to migrate and work in the heart of Europe. Professionals in the IT, engineering, medical, and business streams are in huge demand. Take advantage of this opportunity now before regulations are tightened up again.


The United States of America is the world’s most sought after immigration destination.
People from all over the world have bought into the American dream and the lives of those who move there are forever changed. Home to the world’s biggest brands in technology, medicine, manufacturing, insurance, retail and consumer services the US offers unparalleled opportunity to those who manage to get in.

About USA’s immigration process:

• There are several ways to migrate to the US.
• The typical route most younger individuals take is to pursue a Master’s degree and then apply for a job in the US.
• For older applicants, the possible routes are to find employment or to invest in the US as an entrepreneur. The competition for migrant visas to the US is very tough and your best bet is to find a job that can sponsor your visa application.

How to know which country to choose?

While there are dozens of options to migrate abroad, the list mentioned above is of the world’s leading migration destinations. It is not feasible to apply to all the countries mentioned above but it is imperative you consider your options while making your decision. Factors such as your eligibility, your future plans, and your current situation must all be considered to create a migration plan that can work. An experienced migration professional can go a long way in helping you understand your options and make a more informed decision.



Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.
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Canada to ease covid-19 test requirements for travellers

Fully vaccinated travellers will be able to enter Canada with a pre-arrival antigen test, unvaccinated children travellers will no longer have to isolate for 14 days, and international flights to all Canadian airports will resume starting February 28.

Also, if fully vaccinated travellers are selected for a random on-arrival test, they will no longer have to quarantine while waiting on results.

The pre-arrival antigen test must be approved by the country travellers are coming from, and taken no more than 24 hours before arriving at the border, or their scheduled flight. Taking a rapid antigen test at home is not sufficient to meet the pre-entry requirement. The test it must be administered by a laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service. Travellers can still use a PCR test within 72 hours before arrival. There were no changes to the previous guidelines on molecular tests.

Travellers will still need to upload documents via the ArriveCAN app before crossing the border.

Unvaccinated travellers will still need to be tested on arrival and quarantine for 14 days. They will also need to do a test on day eight of their quarantine.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos made the announcement on February 15 in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. He was joined by the ministers of transport, public safety, tourism, and intergovernmental affairs.

Travel Minister Omar Alghabra announced that international flights to all Canadian airports will resume at the end of the month. The notice to airmen that restricts international flights will expire at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, according to a media release.

Canada will adjust its travel advisory from a level 3 to a level 2. This means the government will no longer recommend that Canadians avoid travel for non-essential purposes. However, the minister still urged Canadians to understand the risks associated with international travel during the pandemic.

Duclos said these measures are transitory, and may be adjusted as the COVID-19 situation changes. He suggested that if hospitalization rates decline in the near future, further easing of restrictions may follow.

Reduction of border measures anticipated

The health minister had signalled last week that changes were forthcoming, as Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, said the country is seeking more sustainable plans to manage COVID-19.

Travellers to Canada currently must be fully vaccinated, with few exceptions. Unvaccinated travellers must quarantine. Vaccinated travellers need a pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR test taken at least 72 hours before crossing the border, and may be subject to a random on-arrival test.

Duclos said last week the worst of the Omicron wave is now behind Canada, and the government will continue to adjust measures accordingly.

Tam confirmed Canada’s travel advisory against international travel is being assessed.

Meanwhile, provincial governments are rolling back COVID-19 measures, and doing away with vaccine passport requirements. Manitoba plans to lift COVID-19 restrictions by mid-March. Ontario moved up its timeline to lax public health measures. Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have also announced plans to roll back restrictions.

In recent weeks, Canada has also been facing pressure from health experts and the tourism industry to lift the COVID-19 test requirement.

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended countries lift international travel bans as “they do not provide added value” and contribute to economic and social stress. The spread of the Omicron variant has demonstrated that border measures are ineffective against the highly contagious variant. However, WHO also said travel measures like masking, testing, quarantine and vaccination should be based on risk assessment, and avoid placing the financial burden on international travellers.

WHO also said countries should not require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as the only condition permitting international travel, given the limited global access and inequitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.




Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Updates on UK immigration with new routes to apply through

Why has immigration to the UK changed?

 When the UK was an EU member, people from EU countries had an automatic right to work in the UK.

Taking control of immigration was one of the key themes of the Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum.

The new system for work visas is based on points.

The exception to this is Irish citizens, who are still able to live and work in the UK as part of the Common Travel Area.

How are points awarded?

To qualify for a visa, migrant workers who want to move to the UK will have to qualify for 70 points.

Having a job offer from an approved employer for a skilled job and being able to speak English will give 50 points.

The applicant can achieve the remaining 20 points if they are due to be paid at least £25,600 a year.

They can also gain extra points for having better qualifications (10 points for a relevant PhD, or 20 points for a PhD in science, technology, engineering or maths) or an offer of a job in which the UK has a shortage (20 points), even if it doesn’t pay as much money.

Certain jobs in health or education still merit 20 points even if the salary is less than £25,600. The applicant must be paid at least £20,480, and in line with set amounts for particular jobs in the UK’s four nations.

High Potential Individual

The High Potential Individual route will be open to applicants who have graduated from a top global university. There will be no job requirement and there will be an option to extend the visa and settle in the UK, unlike with the new Graduate route that launched on 1 July 2021. The government has said it will explore opportunities to expand this route to other categories of high potential.


The Scale-up route will be open to individuals with a high-skilled job offer from a qualifying scale-up and a required salary level. Individuals will be able to extend their visa and settle in the UK. They will also be able to switch jobs or employers. Scale-ups that can demonstrate an average revenue or employment growth rate of more than 20% over a three-year period and at least 10 employees at the start of the three-year period will be able to expediate their verification process to use this route.


The government has also announced plans to “revitalise” the Innovator route. The following changes have been set out in the UK Innovation Strategy:

  • the business eligibility criteria will be simplified so that applicants are required to demonstrate that their business venture has a high potential to grow and add value to the UK and is innovative.
  • a lighter touch endorsement process will be introduced for applicants whose business ideas are particularly advanced to match the best-in-class
  • international offers, with all applicants accepted on the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme being automatically eligible.
  • there will no longer be a requirement to have at least £50,000 in investment funds where the endorsing body is satisfied that the applicant has sufficient funds to grow their business. the restriction on doing work outside of the applicant’s primary business will be removed.


What is the Skilled Worker Program?

The Skilled Worker Program has replaced the UK’s Tier 2 (General) work visa. Under the points-based immigration system, points will be awarded for a job offer at the appropriate skill level, knowledge of English and being paid a minimum salary. Skilled worker visas will be awarded to those who gain enough points.

  • Quick visa process
  • Spouse can work and earn
  • Free education for children


The UK Skilled Worker Program ‍

  1. Stay in the UK to do an eligible job with an approved employer
  2. 49,230+ employers on the list of approved UK employers
  3. Minimum salary threshold to be met
  4. 70 points needed to be able to apply
  5. Lower application fees and reduced salary requirement for occupations on Shortage Occupations List



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Quebec releases 2022 list of occupations eligible for LMIA

Quebec has given a list of in-demand jobs which do not require the certification of LMIA. The certificate is required to prove that the recruitment of foreign nationals does not negatively hamper the employment of Canadian citizens with the same qualifications.

The Gibraltar of America, the Quebec province of Canada, has released an updated list of jobs that do not need an LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment certification. Compared to last year’s list of more than 181 jobs, the new list has been expanded.

The new list was released on February 24, 2022, effective immediately.

Changes made in the existing rules

Recently, many programs have been added to the list of jobs exempted from LMIA. The agreement signed between Quebec and Ottawa in 2021 increases the number of temporary foreign nationals employed by a workplace. It makes it easier for Quebec to hire foreign nationals.

The number of foreign nationals hired in a Canadian workplace has increased from 10 percent to 20 percent. The change exempts occupations having NOC Skill Level D. This category needs training on the job. These occupations will not require to post and demonstrate for recruitment.

*Check your eligibility for Quebec through the Quebec Immigration Points Calculator.

More details of the new rule

The additional LMIA-exempted professions have 228 jobs. The occupations are eligible for facilitated processing on the list and span all of Quebec. It takes into account the labour requirements of all the regions.

The employers and their representatives have 30 days of transition. The duration allows the submitted applications falling under the list to be reviewed.

Need for the changes

Quebec is witnessing a decline in the birth rate. Its citizens are mostly aged. It makes the province rank second in job vacancies in Canada. The CFIB’s (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) December report found that 64 percent of Quebec’s small businesses are experiencing labour shortages.

The Quebec government predicts that by 2026 newcomers and mainly temporary foreign workers will fill 22 percent of the job vacancies.

The Quebec government has adopted new policies given the increasing requirement of labour. It has actively revised its immigration policies to include more immigrants to work in the province.

The process of LMIA in Quebec

The Canadian employers must prove that they had advertised the vacancy in jobs before hiring temporary foreign nationals. They must submit proof of the recruitment efforts done by them.

The efforts consist of:

  • Advertising the vacancy of the position for 28 days
  • Proof of interviewing eligible Canadian candidates submitted to the Government of Canada. It is to prove that no Canadian citizen was suitable for the post.
  • Demonstrate the willingness and ability to hire a foreign worker in the specific position

The employers in Quebec who hire foreign workers temporarily for specific positions should also apply for LMIA. Their hiring application process is comparatively simple and quick.

The list for occupations of Quebec is drafted by MIFI or Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration along with Emploi-Québec. It has its roots in Canada’s NOC or National Occupational Classification 2016 system.

The federal and provincial authorities should approve the process for the facilitated LMIA applications. Due to this, the employers who hire foreign nationals in their workforce should submit an application and the required documents. The papers will be forwarded to the MIFI and the ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada.




Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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Passport on a table
Australia opens its borders after 2 years – what to expect?

Australia reopens borders to tourists nearly after two years

The country earned the nickname ‘Fortress Australia’ following announcing its decision on travel ban, which not only imposed a strict cap on international arrivals but also barred citizens from going overseas

The move comes nearly two years after it first closed its international borders to slow the spread of COVID-19, and several months after beginning a gradual reopening that allowed certain tourists and foreign workers to enter the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison noted at a news conference that Australia has progressively opened its borders through programs with New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, and also began welcoming international students and economic migrants late last year. That welcome will soon be extended to visa holders and international tourists, on one condition.

“The condition is, you must be double vaccinated to come to Australia,” Morrison said. “That’s the rule. Everyone is expected to abide by it.”

He added that quarantine requirements and cap arrangements on arrivals will continue, and are up to state governments to alter as they see fit.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that visa holders who are not fully vaccinated will still require a travel exemption to enter and will be subject to relevant state and territory quarantine requirements upon arrival. They also will need to provide proof that there is a medical reason they can’t be vaccinated, she added.

Officials acknowledged that they are seeking to balance public health with the country’s economic recovery. The return of international travel will be a boon to Australia’s struggling tourism industry, which has been largely reliant on domestic travelers.

“Australians have stepped up and traveled when they can, but international tourists will be welcome relief,” Andrews said.

The Business Council of Australia praised the decision in a statement as “the light at the end of the tunnel” for small businesses, tourism operators and the events industry. But it wasn’t entirely celebratory, noting that the move doesn’t apply to the entire country.

Western Australia is the last state with a COVID-zero approach to the pandemic, as NPR has reported, with strict rules and border closings keeping cases relatively low.

Australia as a whole has seen a drop in COVID-19 cases since they hit their peak in early January. About 80% of its population is fully vaccinated.


You need proof of vaccination

For travel into and out of Australia, travellers must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Travelling out of Australia

Vaccinated travellers no longer need an exemption to travel out of the country.

Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD)

All passengers arriving by air into Australia should complete the Digital Passenger Declaration, unless they are flight crew. You can start a DPD seven days before your flight to Australia, but you can only submit a DPD within 72 hours before your departure. This is because you must provide your health information and declaration within 72 hours before your flight. The DPD requests details that are considered critical health information. Passengers must provide evidence that the critical health information was completed before boarding the aircraft. This is an enforceable requirement. A person who fails to comply with the requirement may be liable to a civil penalty (fine) of 30 penalty units (currently $6,660 AUD). This is set out in section 46 of the Biosecurity Act 2015. Passengers who do not make the declaration before they board their flight may be delayed when arriving in Australia.





Emigrantz Global Consultancy registered and partnered with ICCRC (ICCRC – R407847) has more than a decade’s experience in the immigration industry. We have been fulfilling the needs of Permanent residency, student visa, business visa and work permit aspirants for Canada along with other countries.

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