Business Visa

Our Business Immigration Category of visas are typically for the experienced corporate people and corporation who are looking to expand the ventures to Canada/Australia/USA/NZ and UK. To be qualifying for this program, applicants are required to invest in any of these countries, start up a business and take part in growing the economy of the host country. We at Emigrantz, suggest, set up and completely facilitate our clients to relocate to the country on a business visa category. Commonwealth countries promote the expansion of a resilient, prosperous economic atmosphere, thus seeking business people with the adequate business capability and the essential resources.

Business Visa Details:

Almost every country in the world offers flexible business visa options to enable trade between countries. Whether you are conducting client meetings, attending conferences, going on-site or conducing sales meetings, the business visa is typically your best visa option. Most business visas enable you to:

  • Stay temporarily in the country you are applying to
  • Conduct business and financial transactions
  • Setup a temporary office
  • Travel in that country
Eligibility for Applying Business Visa:

While each country has different requirements, there are certain documents which almost all of them ask for. These include:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel itinerary including accommodation and flight details
  • Business and professional credentials
  • Academic credentials
  • Evidence supporting that you plan to return to your base country after conducting your business
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources
  • Medical examination and evidence of adequate insurance
  • Filled application with enclosed fee
Canada Business Visa

Canada offers tremendous opportunities to foreigners who want to do business in Canada. Every year, thousands of ambitious business people grace our shores and there is certainly no reason why you can not be among them.

The objective of the Business Immigration Program is to encourage investment and employment in Canada through the migration of people who have the ability to successfully establish or invest in a business in Canada.

5 Main Categories to Business Visas in Canada

Individuals with business/managerial experience and relatively high net-worth may apply for a Canadian permanent residence under the Canada Business Immigration Program in one of the following four sub-categories:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self Employed Persons
  • PNP Business Programs
  • Corporate Immigration
US Business Visa

As the centre of global commerce, the US attracts millions of business visitors every year. The US B1 Business Visa is designed for short term business travel to the US. This visa is typically issued for a period of 6-12 months and is used for supporting business activities such as attending conferences, conducting negotiations etc. The scope of this visa is wide and allows for all sorts of activities other than actively running a business. Emigrantz can help you identify the right approach to applying for your B1 visa. Our teams will assist you with your application creation and filing and ensure you have the highest chance of receiving a visa quickly. The B1 visa is valid for six months.

US B1 Visa Details

The B1 Visa is used by visitors for a wide variety of business activities. It is used by businesspersons and executives visiting the US for purposes such as:

  • Conducting negotiations
  • For sales or investment meetings
  • Discuss planned investment or purchases
  • For business investment purposes
  • To attend meetings
  • To interview and hire staff
  • For research purposes

Ideally, you should apply for the visa a minimum of 2-3 months in advance to allow for all security clearance and processing while meeting all the US business visa requirements. In some cases, there may be a personal interview as well.

UK Business Visa

The UK is a country where business is continuously blooming, thus luring foreign businesspersons and investors.

Due to the high interest of business people to travel or settle in the UK, there is a variety of UK Business visas, as follows:

  • Standard visitor visa for business people.
  • Innovator visa.
  • Start-up visa.
  • Exceptional Talent visa (Tier 1).
  • Graduate Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1).
  • Investor visa (Tier 1).
  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa.
  • Turkish Businessperson visa.
New Zealand Business Visa

New Zealand has a flexible business visa system designed to cater to most business people’s needs. Below you will find both short term and long term business visa options.

Short term business visitors

Those visiting New Zealand as a sales representative, overseas buyer, or a business visitor attending business meetings or negotiations can apply for a standard Visitor visa, which usually allows the holder to stay in New Zealand for up to 3 months, but does not allow them to take up employment.

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