Immigrants have more options when it comes to investing in Canada. The federal government has recently announced new investment programs that will allow immigrants to invest in their new country.

Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program is a program that allows immigrants to invest in Canada. It’s a good option for immigrants who want to invest in Canada, and it has many benefits for them as well.

The first benefit of the Immigration Investor Program is that it will allow your spouse or common-law partner and children under 18 years old who are living with you in Canada at the time of application (if the child is under 18 years old), but not yet 18 themselves, can become permanent residents immediately upon qualifying for permanent residence through this program.*This means that if your spouse/common-law partner doesn’t qualify yet due to age limits (they must be over 18), then he or she could still apply together with his family members once he does qualify! This gives them all access without having waited years like other programs would do. *

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is a province-wide program that provides Canadian employers with the opportunity to hire highly skilled immigrants. Employers must apply for the OINP through their local government and then submit an application to the federal government. Once approved, they can begin hiring eligible applicants from across Canada at no cost to them.

The OINP offers three streams:

  • Skilled Worker Stream – This stream allows employers who meet certain criteria such as minimum wage requirements or employer-sponsored training programs to bring over qualified candidates who hold high levels of education and experience in areas like engineering, technology, health care and nursing fields;
  • Entrepreneur Stream – This stream offers skilled workers who have been specifically identified by their provincial government as entrepreneurs;
  • Targeted Employment Category (TEC) – This category is reserved for those who were previously employed but left due to serious illness or disability

Quebec Immigrant Nominee Program

Quebec is a province in Canada. It has a population of 8.5 million people and is known for its French culture and language. In addition to being the second most populous province in Canada, it also has some of the highest rates of unemployment among immigrants to the United States or any other country outside India or China (both countries are larger).

British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program

The British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program (BCI) is open to immigrants who have a job offer in British Columbia and are willing to invest a minimum of $1 million in the Province. BCI provides streamlined immigration processing for individuals who meet these criteria and also makes it easier for them to find permanent residency in Canada by granting them work permits that allow them to live and work anywhere within the province.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (Nova Scotia) is a new federal program that allows individuals to come to Canada as permanent residents, who will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship after five years.

The province of Nova Scotia is located in the Atlantic Ocean and has an estimated population of about 1.3 million people. It’s home to several universities and colleges which attract international students from all over the world because of its affordable tuition fees compared with other cities such as London or New York City where foreign students often have trouble finding affordable housing options due to high demand for housing units per capita especially during holidays like Christmas Eve when everyone wants their homes decorated but not at exorbitant prices!

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Alberta has a Provincial Nominee Program that is designed to attract immigrants to Alberta. The program is available to skilled workers and business people who want to come and live in the province.

The application process takes about two weeks, but you will need to provide proof of your skills before applying for permanent residence status in Canada through this program.

Immigrants have more immigration options now than ever before.

Immigrants have more immigration options now than ever before.

Immigrants have more options now than ever before.

The Canada immigration process is a long and complicated one, but with all the options available to immigrants today it is worth getting started on your application as soon as possible.


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