Canada’s effort to increase the number of international students by encouraging more international students to enroll in Canada is one of the fastest growing sectors. Education and training are major generators for global growth in Canada and also help individuals to settle in a country which is often considered as a safe haven for immigrants. The best part about international students, who want to study in Canada, is that they add to the growing pool of skilled workers who are needed by the country.

Canada has introduced a number of measures to attract more international students. These include:

  • Free tuition: The government will cover up to $10,000 in tuition fees for new international undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time at a Canadian university and meet the eligibility requirements. The new measure will be available to students who enroll in September 2020 or later.
  • Equity programs: The government is working with provinces and territories to develop equity programs that will assist low-income students from abroad with their transition to postsecondary education. For example, Ontario has announced its intention to provide financial support to international high school graduates who wish to attend college or university in the province. In addition, Quebec has launched an innovative program called iCET that provides free tuition for foreign citizens whose family income falls below $100,000 (US$80,600).
  • Transition support: The federal government is providing transition support for international students who are determined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) not meet the definition of “permanent resident.” Under this program, IRCC will provide these individuals with up to $5,000 per year over two years after they depart from Canada on temporary status

As per the information available on the Canadian High Commission website, there are a total of 11000 international students in universities across Canada which represent 4.3 percent of all the students studying at universities in Canada while there is $2.5 billion worth of tuition fees and an estimated $8-9 billion worth of annual spending from these international students. This is only a small fraction of what international students are expected to contribute to the economy as per the agreement between Canadian ministry of immigration and Citizenship and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The government of Canada is currently re-envisioning its immigration and education policies in order to attract more international students to Canada. This provides excellent prospects for the overseas student market in Canada, which will likely keep growing due to its economic impact, employment opportunities and social and cultural influences.

In addition to the increasing demand of international students, Canada is also exploring ways to retain these students by offering better job prospects and other internship opportunities after completion of their educational programs.

From this, it becomes clear that the efforts on the part of Canadian Government’s to increase its student’s intake are mainly directed towards attracting a much large crowd of students into Canada. This is a promising move for both Canada and also for international students as it would open doors for them to fulfill their dreams. At the same time, it would also ensure some level of safety and security which is a lot more than what a lot of countries in the world can promise.

Canada had focused its immigration efforts on the non-economic classes of immigrants such as refugees and the family class with a motive to gain international students who are easy to integrate into Canadian society.



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