The relaxation on Coronavirus restrictions comes as a hopeful sign as the Canadian economy is heading towards a recovery phase. Earlier the Economists expected a job loss of over 500,000 with a record high of 13.7%. However, the report from Statistics Canada suggests that, Canada added 290,000 jobs to the economy and the country has regained 10.6% of the Coronavirus related losses from earlier this year.

The Canada’s result suggests the economic crisis due to Corona virus lasted for just two months and the initial signs of recovery are mildly encouraging. As lockdown restrictions ease further, many businesses that were closed are slowly opening up and are operating at a reduced capacity. According to Statistics Canada report, Quebec registered 80% increase that saw a significant gain of 231,000 workers. Ontario on the other hand is also showing signs of recovery. With most of the provinces showing signs of positive job gains, the trend will be closely watched by the experts.


Visa Application Centers Reopening
A select number of Canadian Visa Application centers are being reopened and are operating with all the safety measures with limited staff and operations. Visa application centers are primarily providing services for Biometric Collections for Biometric instruction letter holders only and return of decision envelopes to applicants.


Disclose detailed Quarantine plan and ARRIVECAN App

Canada still has a Ban on all non-essential travel and the rule to self- isolate still remains. Initially the travelers were screened at port of entry and the information related to 14 days quarantine plan were filled in a form and handed over to Border Service officer. Health Canada launched the ArriveCan mobile App, available on iOS and Android, giving travelers the opportunity to input the quarantine details. As per Health Canada the app was launched to reduce wait times at Canadian Ports of Entry and limit the point of physical contact with the Border Service Officer. The input on the app contains the following information:

  • Flight details of travelers arriving by air
  • Name DOB of each Traveler
  • Traveler’s destination in Canada and the address at which the traveler will be staying for 14 days
  • Travelers email address and telephone numbers.

Health Canada notes that the data obtained from the app will be used by the public Health Agency of Canada to administer and enforce legislation and keep Canadians safe and healthy. The data furnished on the app will be used by Border Services Officers and Quarantine officers to support the health screening protocols and generate the summary of traveler information.

Road to Recovery

While it is no doubt that the recovery has begun, the coming days would see a significant change in the Canadian job market. Canada depends on the immigrants to strengthen its economy, while it is unlikely that Canada will meet its 2020 immigration level plan of inviting 340,000 new permanent residents. But, the recent draws suggest that the government will continue to work towards meeting those targets and speed up the economic recovery.

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