The United Kingdom has been seeing a range of changes in its immigration policies in recent years. While various modifications have been introduced, more are yet to come. Currently, the UK has a points-based system for work visas, predominantly applicable to non-European countries. According to the UK Government’s policy statement in 2020, further changes are expected to the UK Immigration system by 2024, influenced by Australia’s immigration system.

One significant anticipated change in the UK Immigration system is likely to be the level of scarcity that will determine a skilled worker’s eligibility for a visa. According to recent reports, this move could ease requirements for potential immigrants, compared to previous policies. Currently, the Immigration Rules require a points threshold of 70, which entails various criteria, such as education, salary level, proficiency in English, and suitability for a job role. In practice, this rather stringent approach limits the number of immigrants that can come to the UK on work visas.

The proposed changes in UK Immigration are expected to prioritize education, language ability, and employability for work visas, offering more points for higher qualifications and specific skillsets. Moreover, a more affordable visa application fee will be introduced for essential employees, such as social care workers, encouraging foreign workers in high-demand areas to come to the UK.

Another change on the horizon is the introduction of the graduate post-study work visa, expected to launch in the summer of 2021, reopening the doors to foreign students who wish to complete their studies in the UK. This move is likely to benefit both the UK economy and international students, as it will provide them with practical work experience to settle down and apply their skills in the country.

In conclusion, the changes expected in the UK Immigration system by 2024 are predicted to reduce barriers for foreign workers while maintaining the UK’s high standards of skill and language proficiency. The alterations are anticipated to provide valuable opportunities for the UK economy and boost its foreign workforce. Therefore, it is essential for potential immigrants to stay up-to-date in terms of the upcoming changes to plan ahead accordingly and understand the visa requirements and application processes. The process of immigrating to the UK can be challenging, and it is important that potential immigrants understand the visa requirements and application processes in order to plan ahead. UK Immigration allows individuals with a genuine job offer from an employer who is registered and licensed by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to work in the UK. If you are looking for employment opportunities in the United Kingdom, please visit our website or contact us today!



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