Thinking of getting Canadian Citizenship? It may be one of the smartest decisions you make. How? We shall discuss the benefits of getting Canadian citizenship in this article. You need to know that the getting Canadian citizenship is one of the easiest.

But first, let us know about the eligibility criteria to get Canadian citizenship. To get Canadian citizenship, you should:

  • Be a permanent resident
  • Have lived in Canada for 3 out of last 5 years (1095 days)
  • File your taxes, if you need to
  • Pass a citizenship test
  • Prove your languages skills

Unlike some other countries, you don’t get citizenship just by marrying a Canadian citizen. You must pass all the above criteria to get citizenship.

However, you can obtain citizenship if one of your parents or grandparents are citizens of Canada – even if you were born outside Canada.

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Now let us know about the benefits / advantages of getting Canadian citizenship.

Canadian citizens enjoy the following benefits which are unique compared to other nationals:

Dual citizenship

Canada does not make you choose between being a Canadian citizen and being a citizen of your home country. Depending on your home country, you may or may not have to make that choice.


Canadian citizens get a passport, which is easier to renew and must be renewed less often than a permanent resident card.

The passport allows you to travel to many countries without the need for a visa and makes it easier to get a visa where one is required. It should be noted this is for travel and does not give you the right to work.


Canadian tax laws work on residency rather than citizenship. You can be a citizen but not live in Canada, and therefore not have to pay Canadian taxes. If you are a citizen who does live in Canada, you are required to pay Canadian taxes on worldwide income and you must pay taxes at federal, provincial and municipal levels.


Citizens can vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections, run for office and become involved in political activities, meaning they have a say in who runs the various levels of government that exist in Canada. That could be town, city, school board, province, territory, or country.

Citizens can run as independent candidates, or by joining one of the established parties

These are just few of the benefits you can enjoy by getting Canadian citizenship. Know more about getting Canadian citizenship by connecting with us.

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