Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is one of the fastest and most popular ways to gain permanent residence and is expected to boom again as international travel restrictions ease up this year.

Emigrantz enables you to reunite with your family by sponsoring your family members and making the whole process hassle-free for you. We bring you one of the most famous and fascinating visa categories of Immigration known as family sponsorship. It makes the citizens convenient and permanent residents to sponsor the applications of their spouse and immediate family members with decreased processing intervals because Emigrantz knows that a family should never be put on hold.

Spouse or Common-Law Partner

We assist you in sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner for permanent residence visa category so that they can join you easily. A spouse can be sponsored from any part of the world with the necessary documentation which we will be helping you with. Our experts will also help your spouse/common-law partner acquire a work permit thus mobilizing the financial health of a family. It enables sponsored folks to utilize their capacity to work in these countries with greater ease at the same time while their sponsorship request is in progress. Most of these countries accept common-law partnerships, you may be eligible to apply for spousal sponsorship if you and your partner are not married but have been living together for at least one year or more.

Child Sponsorship

We guide to sponsor your child’s application residing in any other country. Child sponsorship program allows permanent residents/Citizens to sponsor their biological or adopted children for permanent residence. We can help you to complete the documentation for such applications.

Parent Sponsorship

Our promise to family reunification expands to parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents via the parent and grandparent sponsorship programs. All you must do is to show a sound financial state to take care of the sponsored individual and rest we take care of it, if needed.

Who can be a sponsor?

Applicants who want to immigrate must be citizens or permanent residents for at least 18 years of age. In the case of sponsorship by a resident who lives outside of the country, the sponsor should demonstrate that they will live once the sponsored individual becomes a permanent resident.

Both the sponsor and the sponsored should sign an agreement confirming that they understand each other’s responsibilities and obligations. Those who sponsor family members may even be asked to sign a contract promising to provide: food, clothing, utilities, personal requirements, shelter, fuel, household supplies, dental care, eye care, and health care not covered by the public health plan, for a set period of time. The sponsor should demonstrate sufficient income in case the sponsor’s sponsored person will bring a dependent child or children with them.

Who cannot be a sponsor?

If any of the following applies to you, you may not be a sponsor:

1. You previously sponsored another person and three years have not passed since that person become a permanent resident.
2. A reason other than disability prompted you to receive social assistance.
3. You are in default of an undertaking, immigration loan, performance bond, or family support payments.
4. As a result of a conviction for certain crimes, you haven’t been pardoned/rehabilitated.
5. It has been less than 5 years since you became a Canadian permanent resident after being sponsored as a spouse.
6. You have already applied for sponsorship, but the decision has not yet been made.
7. A removal order has been issued against you.
8. A penal institution (prison, jail, etc.) is holding you.

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