• What factors do I consider before applying for Australian PR?
    Below is the list of eligibility factors:
    • Age under 45 years
    • Educational Qualifications.
    • Work Experience.
    • Profession in the in-demand list
    • Health and Character Assessment
    • Language Proficiency
    • Funds to support your living.

Click here for details on Points Table


  • What is procedure followed for an Australia Permanent Resident visa?
    The immigration authorities make changes in the policies; it is advisable to contact the immigration consultant for clarity. Listed below are the procedures followed:

• If you meet the eligibility parameters, apply for an Expression of interest (EOI) through skillselect.
• Wait for an ITA (Invitation to apply) by the Australian immigration authorities after submitting the EOI.
• After receipt of ITA submit all the necessary documents including medical fitness & character certificate and pay the necessary fee for the Australian PR.
• Migrate to Australia after the PR visa approval.


  • What is Skill-select?
    Skill-select is the Australian government’s online system designed to allow skilled workers interested to migrate to Australia to be considered for a skilled Australian visa. Skill-select helps in obtaining nomination for a skilled visa by Australian employer, state or territory government or an invitation by the government to apply for a visa application.


  • How long does it take to get a PR Visa?
    Time is purely dependent on your eligibility & skills. If your points score is above 70 & the occupation is in demand, you have a high possibility of quick visa approval.
    The average time is anywhere between 8-12 months for the Australian PR visa.


  • What all documents do I need to furnish for Australian PR?
    • Skills assessment report
    • Valid passport
    • Work experience letter
    • English language test report
    • Medical report
    • Police clearance report.


  • How long does it take to become an Australian citizen?
    The below parameters determine your citizenship in Australia.
    • Stay in Australia for 5 years as a permanent resident.
    • Pass the citizenship test.
    • Should possess good character.
    • Need to reside and continue an cooperation with Australia (Absence from Australia after obtaining Australian PR will not be considered)


  • What factors affect the processing time of PR Visa?
    • Furnish all necessary documents with complete application form.
    • Follow up with the immigration authorities for more information and documents.
    • Time taken to process the document verification.
    • Time taken to process background verification from agencies for character and national security requirements.


  • What are the few things that should be done after migrating to Australia?
    • Contact Center link to check the eligibility for social security payments.
    They also help newly arrived permanent residents with job search and training to upgrade your skills.
    • Open a bank account, most monetary transaction such as income, wages, and government benefits are directly paid to your account.
    • Apply TFN (Tax file number), TFN is issued by the government to individuals and businesses to administer taxation and other government programs
    • Enroll with Medicare to enjoy free or subsidized healthcare services.
    • Enroll your children in school. Furnish school reports and certificates of their past schools.
    • Apply for a driving license, newly arrived Permanent residents can drive without driving license for first 3 months.
    • Find a family doctor


  • What if my Visa application is rejected, will I get a refund?

Since we are registered Agents, all the cases are reviewed & legally represented to take necessary actions, thus this eliminates any chances of rejection.


  • Why should I consult an Immigration agent for Visa application?
    • Immigration consultants carry wide range of expertise & knowledge to guide you through the complex process of PR visa.
    • Immigration consultant furnishes you an accurate eligibility report.
    • Consultants help you with the application process & have proper document checklist.
    • Legally represent your case with the government and handle complete correspondence
    • Consultants help you to understand the complex rules & regulations related to immigration.
    • Advise you with a suitable visa, to suit your requirements.
  • How many points are required for Canada Express entry?

A minimum score of 67 out of 100 is required for Canada Express entry. Points are rewarded based on the language proficiency, Age, work experience, adaptability etc.

Refer points table for more information.


  • What documents are required for PR application once the ITA is received through express entry system?
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Details of you and your family members- birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, etc.
  • Proof that you have enough savings to support your initial stay in Canada with your family members.


  • What is the next step after the receipt of ITA through Express Entry system?

The applicant has 60 days’ time to upload all the necessary document along with the application forms, which is according to checklist issued by IRCC. The applicant has to obtain medical reports, Police clearance, and pay the specified fees.


  • Can I apply for Canada PR or Express Entry on my own?

Yes, you can apply for a Canada PR or Express Entry on your own. However it is advisable to approach a certified immigration consultant, since they are familiar with the complex procedures and to maximize the success of your application.


  • Can Immigration authorities reject my application?

Yes, Applications get rejected due to incorrect or insufficient supporting documents. It is always advisable to approach a certified immigration consultant to avoid rejections.


  • Does all provinces require IELTS test?

Yes, IELTS test is mandatory for all provincial & Federal programs.


  • What are the benefits of Canada provincial nominee program?

Under (CRS) Comprehensive Ranking system, candidates are provided with additional 600 points, which boosts the candidate’s profile in obtaining ITA.


  • What is the processing time for the Federal skilled workers program?

The processing time for FSW can be between 8 to 12 months.


  • Who handles Express Entry draw?

(CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada handle the Express Entry draw to issue ITA for skilled professionals.

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