Global Resettlement

What is resettlement?
Many refugees cannot go home because of continued conflict, wars and persecution. Many also live in perilous situations or have specific needs that cannot be addressed in the country where they have sought protection. In such circumstances, Emigrantz helps resettle refugees to a third country.

Resettlement is the transfer of refugees from an asylum country to another State, that has agreed to admit them and ultimately grant them permanent residence. Resettlement is unique in that it is the only durable solution that involves the relocation of refugees from an asylum country to a third country.

Providing for effective reception and integration is beneficial for both the resettled refugee and the receiving country. Governments and non-governmental organization partners provide services to facilitate integration, such as cultural orientation, language and vocational training, as well as programmes to promote access to education and employment.

Resettlement is an international protection tool which meets the specific needs of refugees and other vulnerable persons of concern. Resettlement is also a durable solution for refugees as well as a demonstration of international solidarity and responsibility-sharing with those countries hosting large numbers of refugees. It gives a chance to begin life anew to many who would otherwise have neither home nor country to call their own.

Resettlement is not only a critical and a life changing decision but for some people, but it is also a dream to relocate. It has also become a tangible way how governments and communities can better share responsibility for the global displacement crisis empowering global resettlement. Emigrantz enables you to take a step towards an integrated, sustainable and holistic migration approach with attention to detail. We guide you fully with your pre and post-settlement plans guiding you to a better future.

The safe and dignified resettlement of refugees and other humanitarian entrants requires a comprehensive, humane and protection-oriented approach – one which recognizes the inter-dependencies of travel, health and integration as integral components of the resettlement process. Certain essential elements of Emigrantz support in the field of resettlement benefit both the beneficiaries and the States undertaking to receive them. Emigrantz believes that this holds true regardless of the type of scheme, the destination country or the profile of the migrants and refugees being assisted.

To prepare refugees for resettlement and to prepare States to receive them, Emigrantz works closely with governments on the design and implementation of their resettlement programmes. At the earliest opportunity prior to departure, it is critical that refugees begin receiving timely and accurate information on their new home, and by extension host and receiving communities are sufficiently prepared to ensure necessary arrangements are in place for their safe travel and meaningful integration.

Other schemes such as complementary pathways increase the range of safe and legal means to achieving a third-country solution for those in need of international protection. Additionally, in the European context States can support one another to cope with the pressure on their asylum systems by relocating persons in need of international protection.

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