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Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. Commuters, tourists, and other short-term stays in a destination country do not fall under the definition of immigration or migration; seasonal labour immigration is sometimes included, however.

The 5 best countries to migrate with your family

This is a golden era for migration. Leading economies across the world are seeking highly qualified professionals who can help them unleash their next level of growth. Whether it is the US, the UK, Canada or countries in Europe, each nation has created and launched migrant friendly programs and laws to bring the best and brightest to their shores. Offering an unbeatable standard of living, extensive benefits for residents and a social welfare system managed by established institutions, these countries are the most sought after destinations for migrants from across the world. Below is a list of the best countries for professionals looking to migrate with their families.


Canada is one of the world’s most migrant friendly nations. Bordering the US, Canada is a massive country that holds a lot more global sway than its small population would suggest. It has a long history of welcoming migrants with Indian origin residents being among the most successful sections of Canadian society. With a beautiful landscape, free healthcare, free education and a strong social welfare system, Canada offers an idyllic life for migrants to settle with their families. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolises that are welcoming to all. The French speaking province of Quebec offers a unique flavour to the Canadian way of life.
For migrants, Canada is a unique destination. By positively harnessing immigration, Canada has created a culture that becomes richer with every accepted migrant. Several generations of migrants now call Canada home and pockets of Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, and other communities all live in harmony here.

About Canada’s immigration process:

• – Highly streamlined immigration programs for professionals of all backgrounds to settle with their families.
• – The Regional Nominee Programs, Trade Skills Programs, Entrepreneur Programs and other focused immigration programs are ideal for applicants.
• – By making it easy for talent from across the world to apply for a Canadian PR, Canada hopes to become more competitive on the global stage.


The land down under is a firm favourite for professional’s keen on migrating with their families. Australia offers an incredible quality of life to all residents and a social security net that is driven by the idea of serving all. It is a breathtakingly beautiful continent with a variety of geographies, cultures, and unique natural habitats. Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney consistently rank among the most liveable cities in the world. The easy-going culture makes it easy for migrants from across the world to settle and assimilate into the Australian way of life.
Over the past few years, Australia has set in motion a massive modernisation drive as they seek to expand their global presence. From defence to the environment to manufacturing, the Australian government’s long term vision is to make the nation stronger, more sustainable and more digitised. Huge investments are being poured into every essential sector to create a platform for Australia’s future growth. This is the perfect time to begin your journey to migrate to Australia.

About Australia’s immigration process:

• – Australia’s immigration policies are among the most open and they welcome migrants with open arms.
• – The Australian Skill Select immigration program is points-driven and can be summarised into a single line: the higher the points you score, the greater your chances of successfully settling in Australia. The system accords points on the basis of your educational qualifications, your work experience, family status and other criteria.
– Australia has a huge demand for talent and every day, more potential applicants turn their eyes to Australia. The best time to apply to settle in Australia is now.


Brexit may have dealt a shock to the UK establishment but skilled professionals keen on migrating to the island nation have never had it better. The UK Government has launched a slew of programs to invite professionals from trade, medical, engineering and business backgrounds to apply for migration. There is a massive need for experienced professionals to fill the gaps across industries and there is no time like now to apply for a PR. Life in the UK is something that would be familiar to most Indian applicants. Its English-speaking environment, well-known culture, large and well established Indian populace all make it an enticing destination. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious companies and educational institutions, the UK is a place where you could settle down in comfort.

About UK’s immigration process:

• – The UK immigration process has become more streamlined with the introduction of a points based system.
• – There are certain minimum criteria applicants must meet and a minimum set of points one must accrue to apply.
• – Successfully migrating to the UK can be a life changing event for you and your family. Y-Axis migration counsellors can help you understand and prepare for your UK migration process.


As Europe’s industrial powerhouse, Germany is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. They are known for their engineering strength with some of the world’s leading automotive and manufacturing companies headquartered there. There are thousands of opportunities for skilled professionals across sectors. Living in Germany also opens up the rest of Europe, allowing you to travel to other European Union countries without applying for separate visas. Germany offers its residents incredible social benefits including free healthcare, free college education and retirement benefits for those who become citizens. Germany is also one of the most important cultural hubs of Europe. Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg are some of the most popular cities with thriving sub-cultures heavily influenced by immigrants who call it home.

About Germany’s immigration process:

• – The German immigration process is designed to enable professionals to get a job and gain a residence permit which can then enable them to settle in Germany with their families.
• – The German Jobseeker Visa allows applicants to visit Germany for a certain period of time and find a job.
• – The Working (Employment) Visa enables applicants who have found a job to continue to work in Germany. This can then be converted to a residence permit.
• – Eventually, residence permit holders may be able to apply for citizenship which will enable them to avail all the benefits of being a German citizen.
• – This is a time sensitive opportunity for those who want to migrate and work in the heart of Europe. Professionals in the IT, engineering, medical, and business streams are in huge demand. Take advantage of this opportunity now before regulations are tightened up again.


The United States of America is the world’s most sought after immigration destination.
People from all over the world have bought into the American dream and the lives of those who move there are forever changed. Home to the world’s biggest brands in technology, medicine, manufacturing, insurance, retail and consumer services the US offers unparalleled opportunity to those who manage to get in.

About USA’s immigration process:

• There are several ways to migrate to the US.
• The typical route most younger individuals take is to pursue a Master’s degree and then apply for a job in the US.
• For older applicants, the possible routes are to find employment or to invest in the US as an entrepreneur. The competition for migrant visas to the US is very tough and your best bet is to find a job that can sponsor your visa application.

How to know which country to choose?

While there are dozens of options to migrate abroad, the list mentioned above is of the world’s leading migration destinations. It is not feasible to apply to all the countries mentioned above but it is imperative you consider your options while making your decision. Factors such as your eligibility, your future plans, and your current situation must all be considered to create a migration plan that can work. An experienced migration professional can go a long way in helping you understand your options and make a more informed decision.



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