Are you planning to migrate to New Zealand? Confused of the ways? What pathway to choose? How long is it going to take? Afraid of your application getting rejected? Here we are, to help you on all these questions. Let’s know more about it!

New Zealand, the country which makes millions of heartbeat, welcomes you warmly and assures immigrant’s ease with its immigration program. NZ, the land where the snowy mountains, still lakes, and lightning cities make every day feel like an occasion. Across New Zealand, one can find everything from an untamed wilderness to a rich culture. Amidst the world struggling to make peace over riots and social unrest, this country stands politically, economically, and socially stable.

How many countries are you familiar with which has an incredible literacy rate of 99%? As it is said, “Illiteracy is the number one promoter of ignorance”. People of this nation enjoy the 2nd world’s best work-life balance here. NZ gives hot hospitality to its immigrants. Added to that, it provides uncountably many job opportunities based on skill to its immigrants without being bias. The exotic flora, fauna, and the scenic beauty that the country offers enhances the quality of life of people over here.

Top Immigration programs to Immigrate:

  1. Refugee Quota Increase Program (RQIP)

It is a multi-agency program that works across health, community, and housing sectors. This program ensures the following for the immigrants.


  1. Greenhouse Travel’s Program

This program helps you find a job in farms, hostels, restaurants, bars, and other short-term jobs


  1. Family Sponsorship

The citizens and residents, organizations, and government agencies of New Zealand can sponsor their relative’s visa application. This program highly increases the chance of visa acceptance for immigrants.


  1. Skilled Immigration Visa Program

This program offers permanent residency to immigrants while applying for a visa if they are skilled enough and have the desired work experience, qualifications, and aged 55 or below. You should also meet health and character requirements added on with knowledge of the English language.


  1. Global Impact Visa Program

You can have your start up in New Zealand with this program. Interestingly, the program just expects you to visit NZ with good ideas and good intentions. Further, if you are successful at proving yourself, it is a direct gateway to your permanent residency!!!


  1. New Zealand Immigrant Investor Program

Under New Zealand Immigrant Investor Program, either one can opt for an “investor option” or “investor plus option”.  To avail, the benefits of the program, health, and character requirements must be met. A minimum length of time in New Zealand is to be spent with minimum investments required.


Why should you move to New Zealand?

  • Amazing Weather conditions
  • Low cost of living
  • High quality Healthcare
  • Top notch education
  • Friendly and welcoming people
  • Job opportunities
  • Quiet Life with excellent work-life balance


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