Investor Visa

Countries across the globe have created attractive permanent residency programs for entrepreneurs, businesspersons and HNIs. With a favourable immigration climate now is a great time for you to explore your options of settling abroad with your family and setting up business operations. Emigrantz can help you identify the right residency option based on your preferences and future plans.

Many countries offer an Investment or Business Visa to encourage immigrants who have proven experience in running a business and are interested in establishing a business overseas or invest in another country. They could be interested in opening either a new business venture or buying an existing business located overseas.

Immigrant investor programs are programs that allow individuals to obtain residence or citizenship of a country in return for making qualifying investments.

The Immigrant Investor Program is designed to attract qualified business people who are able to contribute to country’s growth by making a significant investment into country’s economy. Investors who meet all the requirements of this immigration program, along with their immediate family members, may obtain their permanent resident visas (so long as they are not found inadmissible for medical or security reasons).

Broadly, the programs offer either citizenship by investment (“golden passport” or “cash-for-passports”), residence by investment (“golden visa”) or a hybrid with immediate residence followed by accelerated citizenship.

Program applicants must usually fulfill multiple qualification criteria. Investment can take a variety of forms including a contribution to government funds; purchase of qualifying real estate (e.g. specific government-sanctioned projects); investment in a qualifying business (e.g. a specific industry); or creation of a set number of jobs.

Australia and Canada have an Immigrant Investor Program which offers migrants the option of having an alternate residency status while continuing to manage already existing businesses in their home country.

A growing number of countries offer immigrant investor programs, with approximately one quarter of all countries issuing such visas as of 2015.There are few statistics on the number of people pursuing these programs in aggregate.

Deciding to invest in a country and get established while enjoying enormous benefits in return with a dependent family member can be a troublesome decision that requires a hand on experience and authority to deal with governments. It’s important to be aware of the visa requirements for investors and individual guidelines. Emigrantz facilitates the investor’s placing of capital, including funds and other holdings, at risk in the profitable sense to generate a profit. You can invest to launch a new business venture or purchase a pre-existing business. Some of the benefits of this visa category include the legal right to work in the company that is the investment vehicle in the host country. Unrestricted travel rights, Prolonged stay with easy extensions, accompanying dependent family members with study and work rights. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity, your ideal destination is a click away.

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