What is Canada Super Visa?

  • Current processing time: 89 days
  • Visa application fee: From $100

A multi-entry temporary visa known as a “Canada Super Visa” enables you to visit your grandkids who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and to stay in the country for up to two years each time. For up to ten years, your visa is eligible for repeated entries into Canada.

Who is eligible to apply for a super visa for Canada?

You must be the parent or grandparent of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada in order to apply for a Super visa for that country. An application for a Canada Super visa cannot list dependents. They will need to file a separate application if they are flying to Canada with you and your spouse or partner.

Do I qualify for the Canada Super visa?

There are three fundamental requirements that must be met. If you want to apply for a Canada Super visa, you must:

  • Have a duly signed letter from your child or grandchild in Canada inviting you to Canada.
  • Have medical insurance.
  • Be the parent / grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

How long am I allowed to stay in Canada on a Super visa?

With a Super visa, you can visit Canada multiple times and remain there for up to two years each time without needing to have your status renewed.

Can I use my Super visa to stay in Canada permanently?

The super visa enables you to temporarily dwell in Canada with your grandkids, who may have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.


Your Canadian grandchild or kid must sponsor you for permanent residence through the Canadian Parents and Grandparents Program if you wish to remain in Canada permanently (PGP).

What is a Canada Super visa application process?

Online or paper-based applications for the Canada Super visa are accepted at Visa Application Centres (VAC). You will require the following paperwork to apply for a Canada Super visa:

  • Proof of meeting the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) as per the family size.
  • A Letter of Invitation, from your child / grandchild that is a citizen or PR of Canada, promising financial support for your stay, and including the family size.
  • Proof of having private medical insurance.
  • Evidence of the relationship – parent or grandparent – to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident that you intend to visit. This evidence can be a birth certificate or other official document naming you as a parent/grandparent.







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