The UK Visa Priority Scheme is a fast-track immigration service designed to provide the best possible decision on visa applications. The scheme helps applicants to get visas quickly and easily through an independent adjudicator who will assess your application.

For Visit Visas

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) is providing fewer Priority Visa (PV) appointments for visit visas each week in locations where these are available in order to help manage the high demand for visit visa applications around the world.

Where offered, Super Priority Visa (SPV) services for visit visas will continue to be accessible as usual.

The UKVI will be able to handle more regular applications and eventually cut the total processing time for all customers by reducing the number of Priority Visa appointments for new visit visa applications.

For Study and Work Visas

For new study and the majority of job applicants, priority visa and super priority visa appointments are available. Where they are available, there is no decrease in the number of Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa appointments available for applications to study and work.

For Family Visas

For new family visa applications, the Priority and Super Priority services are still suspended. UKVI will continue to monitor this. On GOV.UK, more details can be accessed.

How to schedule appointments for Super Priority and Priority Visas?

When you book your appointment, Priority and Super Priority Visas, where applicable, will be displayed. When appointments are marked as unavailable, the weekly allotment of appointments has already been filled.

Once a week, more Priority Visa appointments will be made available. Every week, the same time will be set aside for the release of all new Priority Visa appointments.

Super Priority and Retrospective Priority No visa category currently offers any services related to visas.

Processing times and Costs

Priority visa services cost an extra £500 on top of the standard visa application fees, and the results are sent in just five days.

In addition to the standard visa fee of £800, the super priority visa service has a one-day turnaround time.

How to apply?

When applying, select the priority service if you are eligible. The service is £500 more than the application price, and a decision is made in just five days. The day of your appointment or the first working day after you finish uploading all of your documents is when you can start counting the decision-making period.

If you choose super priority service when applying for a standard visa, the result will be available the following working day. If your appointment was scheduled on a weekday or two working days later if it was scheduled for the weekend or even a holiday, this will occur.





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