The Canadian Government had earlier announced that the borders will remain closed till the end of August 31, 2020 as a step to stop the spread of Coronavirus. While the ban on H-1B, L-1 and J-1 visa till the end of 2020 saw the aspiring candidates transitioning towards Canada, the first half of Canadian Immigration witnessed a marginal dip in the admission of Permanent Residents, which could be fairly attributed to the travel restrictions due to Coronavirus.

Canada invited 160,230 new Permanent Residents in the first half 2019, but only 103,420 new comers were invited in the first half of 2020.The numbers however, started to recover in May and June, where 11,000 and 19,000 new comers were welcomed respectively.

The Recovery process

While easing of coronavirus related restrictions has shown significant change in the employment figures. The data from statistics Canada, suggest an improvement in the employment which saw a sharp decline in the month of March and April. According to labour Force Survey, about 55% of the 3 million jobs lost since April was recovered and 419,000 jobs were added in the month of July.

Once the travel restrictions are lifted we can expect more jobs to be added, thus speeding up the process of economic recovery.


Canada’s Immigration Policy to propel Growth

The most part of Canada’s economic growth has always been attributed for its friendly Immigration policy. Canada has always been welcoming the newcomers, who bring cultural vibrancy, skills and innovative mindset that create new jobs. With various immigration pathways Canada still remains the preferred destination for most aspiring candidates. With the Ageing population and declining birth rate, Canada has maintained a steady intake of immigrants to support its economy and population growth.

The next wave of Permanent residents and newcomers entering Canada will play a significant role in the economic growth of Canada.


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