The huge increase in open positions is the result of a severe labor shortage. In Canada, employees leave their positions at a higher rate than they get hired. This occurs as a result of a large population of workers who are close to retirement.

Advancements in technology have brought many changes to the world. The advancement of technology in the field of medicine and health care has led to an increase in demand for nurses. This has led to a significant increase in the number of nursing jobs available.

The recent months have seen an increase in job opportunities across Ontario & Saskatchewan. The advancement of technology and its impact on industries has increased the need for skilled labor force.

Many businesses are hiring qualified individuals with good knowledge in various fields such as IT, Engineering, Accountancy, Business and etc. Such people will be able to contribute their skills and knowledge to enhance the efficiency levels at work place.

The unemployment rate in Ontario and Saskatchewan has dropped to its lowest point in more than two years.

The Canadian labor force survey released shows that the unemployment rate in both provinces fell to 5.1 per cent in June. That’s the lowest it’s been since January 2016, when it was 4.9 per cent.

The number of people working increased by 56,000 jobs across Canada over the last month, according to Statistics Canada’s latest labor force report. In addition to job gains in Ontario and Saskatchewan, the country saw an increase of 37,000 positions involving temporary help agencies or recruitment agencies, as well as a gain of 3,600 jobs in the construction sector.

The latest job data from Statistics Canada shows that there were more jobs created in Ontario and Saskatchewan in July than in any other province.

Ontario saw an increase of 32,000 jobs, while Saskatchewan had a growth of 15,000 positions.

“The overall economy is growing at a moderate pace and there’s room for this to continue,” said Craig Alexander, chief economist with Bank of Montreal. “In the next few months we’re going to see some hiring activity.”

In Canada, there were 994, 800 open employments in September, a 3.8% increase across all industries. The job vacancy rate (the total number of open positions as a percentage of labor demand) increased by 5.7%, which indicates a continuing need to fill these open positions in order to offset labor shortages.

Despite the fact that September typically has many job openings due to seasonal and regular causes, Canada’s unemployment rate remained high in September.




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