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Canada has a new announcement for migration aspirants. Recently, the federal government of Canada has announced new pathways for Canadian permanent residency for more than 90,000 international graduates and essential temporary workers.


The following is a list of the six new immigrations streams as well as their intake caps.

  • Workers in Canada – Stream A for health care workers (20,000 applications)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream B for essential non-health care workers (30,000 applications)
  • International graduates (40,000 applications)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream A for French-speaking health care workers (no limit)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream B for French-speaking essential non-health care workers (no limit)
  • French-speaking international graduates (no limit)


These special public policies will be granting permanent resident status to international graduates and temporary workers that were –

  • Already in Canada, and
  • Possess the skills as well as experience required by Canada for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerating the economic recovery of Canada.


Effective May 6, 2021, IRCC will start accepting applications under 3 streams – for temporary workers in healthcare [20,000 applications], for temporary workers in other selected occupations [30,000 applications], and for international students that had graduated from a Canadian institution [40,000 applications].


These 3 streams will remain open until November 5, 2021, or until their intake limit had been reached.

In order to be eligible for any of these 3 steams, the international graduates and workers must meet certain specific eligibility requirements. These are –

  • Workers must have a minimum of 1 year of Canadian work experience in a health-care profession or any other pre-approved essential occupation.
  • International graduates must have completed an eligible Canadian post-secondary program within the previous 4 years [not earlier than January 2017].


The skilled newcomers and international graduates to be welcomed into Canada under the new streams will help in the creation of jobs in Canada, driving long-term growth in Canada.

These public policies will be applicable to workers in 40 health-care occupations, along with 95 other essential jobs across a diverse range of fields that include caregiving and food distribution.


Why is Canada offering these Programs?


The travel restrictions in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 has had major impacts on the labour market. Canada typically depends on immigrants coming in from abroad to address labour shortages.

Canada has set ambitious immigration targets for 2021, looking to welcome 401,000 new immigrants by the end of the year. Due to its commitment to meeting this target, Canada introduced the six new immigration streams. These streams help those who are already residing in the country get permanent residence.

Half of the streams are for French-speakers. This is because Canada is looking to increase bilingual and French-speaking immigrants outside of Quebec.

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