Quebec has given a list of in-demand jobs which do not require the certification of LMIA. The certificate is required to prove that the recruitment of foreign nationals does not negatively hamper the employment of Canadian citizens with the same qualifications.

The Gibraltar of America, the Quebec province of Canada, has released an updated list of jobs that do not need an LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment certification. Compared to last year’s list of more than 181 jobs, the new list has been expanded.

The new list was released on February 24, 2022, effective immediately.

Changes made in the existing rules

Recently, many programs have been added to the list of jobs exempted from LMIA. The agreement signed between Quebec and Ottawa in 2021 increases the number of temporary foreign nationals employed by a workplace. It makes it easier for Quebec to hire foreign nationals.

The number of foreign nationals hired in a Canadian workplace has increased from 10 percent to 20 percent. The change exempts occupations having NOC Skill Level D. This category needs training on the job. These occupations will not require to post and demonstrate for recruitment.

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More details of the new rule

The additional LMIA-exempted professions have 228 jobs. The occupations are eligible for facilitated processing on the list and span all of Quebec. It takes into account the labour requirements of all the regions.

The employers and their representatives have 30 days of transition. The duration allows the submitted applications falling under the list to be reviewed.

Need for the changes

Quebec is witnessing a decline in the birth rate. Its citizens are mostly aged. It makes the province rank second in job vacancies in Canada. The CFIB’s (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) December report found that 64 percent of Quebec’s small businesses are experiencing labour shortages.

The Quebec government predicts that by 2026 newcomers and mainly temporary foreign workers will fill 22 percent of the job vacancies.

The Quebec government has adopted new policies given the increasing requirement of labour. It has actively revised its immigration policies to include more immigrants to work in the province.

The process of LMIA in Quebec

The Canadian employers must prove that they had advertised the vacancy in jobs before hiring temporary foreign nationals. They must submit proof of the recruitment efforts done by them.

The efforts consist of:

  • Advertising the vacancy of the position for 28 days
  • Proof of interviewing eligible Canadian candidates submitted to the Government of Canada. It is to prove that no Canadian citizen was suitable for the post.
  • Demonstrate the willingness and ability to hire a foreign worker in the specific position

The employers in Quebec who hire foreign workers temporarily for specific positions should also apply for LMIA. Their hiring application process is comparatively simple and quick.

The list for occupations of Quebec is drafted by MIFI or Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration along with Emploi-Québec. It has its roots in Canada’s NOC or National Occupational Classification 2016 system.

The federal and provincial authorities should approve the process for the facilitated LMIA applications. Due to this, the employers who hire foreign nationals in their workforce should submit an application and the required documents. The papers will be forwarded to the MIFI and the ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada.


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