Australian permanent residents who want to travel freely without risking their permanent visa status must have a resident return visa for Australia. It’s vital to know who can apply for a resident return visa as well as how to do so because those with an Australian permanent visa are only permitted to travel for a certain amount of time.

What Is an Australia Resident Return Visa- Subclass 155, 157?

A permanent visa type that allows travelership is known as an Australia Resident Return Visa. People with permanent visas for Australia are able to enter and exit the country as needed according to a travel facility.

Do I Need a Resident Return Visa for Australia?

You require this visa if:

  • Already have permanent residence visa for Australia.
  • Used to be a permanent resident of Australia, and your previous visa is still in force.
  • You used to be an Australian citizen but have since lost it.

If you are already in Australia on a permanent visa and have no plans to leave the country, you do not need to apply for visas 155 and 157.

Resident Return Visa Eligibility

You must satisfy one of the following requirements to be eligible for this kind of visa:

  • You must have had permanent residency for the previous five years and resided in Australia for at least two of those years.
  • Establish strong ties to Australia and demonstrate that you haven’t been away for five years straight after receiving your permanent resident visa. Significant ties include:
    1. Business ties.
    2. 2. Cultural ties.
    3. Employment ties.
    4. Personal ties (family).


  • Have strong ties to the area and be able to show that you haven’t been gone for five years in a row since losing your Australian citizenship. You will only be given an RRV that is good for a year unless you have an extremely compelling cause.
  • Fulfil the prerequisites and the application deadline and are a family member of someone who already has an RRV or has applied for one.
  • Must adhere to the standards of good behaviour established by the Immigration Office.
  • The procedure of cancelling your business skill visa must not be ongoing (subclass 840-846, 188, 160-165, 888, 132).
  • You cannot have previously had a visa application denied or a visa revoked.

Those who are not in Australia:

  • Prior to the date of application, you cannot have spent more than five years abroad from Australia.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is in possession of a valid visa.

Residency Requirement Calculation

Your length of residency is determined as follows:

  • 730 days make up two years.
  • From the day you submitted your resident return visa application, five years are added back.
  • Dates of arrival and departure are also counted as days. It counts as one day if you arrive and depart on the same day.

How to Apply for a Resident Return Visa?

Follow these steps to apply for a resident return visa (subclass 155, 157):
  1. Gather the required documents.
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Check eligibility.
  4. Apply for the visa.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Resident Return Visa?

You should receive a resident return visa within five days of submitting your application, if everything went smoothly.

The processing time for a resident return visa, however, can range from 83 days to three months if you:

  • incorrectly complete the application form.
  • Don’t send in all the paperwork.
  • You take more time to provide details.
  • Your information is not verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs for a very long period.



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