Tourism is distinguished from exploration in that tourists follow a “beaten path,” benefit from established systems of provision, and, as befits pleasure-seekers, are generally insulated from difficulty, danger, and embarrassment. Tourism, however, overlaps with other activities, interests, and processes, including, for example, pilgrimage. This gives rise to shared categories, such as “business tourism,” “sports tourism,” and “medical tourism” (international travel undertaken for the purpose of receiving medical care).

Our tourism and travel-related services include services provided by hotels and restaurants (including catering), travel agencies and tour operator services, tourist guide services and other related services. One of the most crucial aspects of international tourism is the cross-border movement of consumers. We make it easy for you in all aspects by offering all the details in one go, you plan we act.

Based on requirements of our client governments, Emigrantz provides Tourism and Trade support services to assist them in achieving their tourism and trade development goals.

Today, we are well established in the tourism representation and promotion domain. We currently provide tourism and trade support services to several of our client’s national tourism authorities by assisting them in a wide range of promotional activities for their respective destinations.

Services Offered:

Dedicated Tourism Support Offices & One-stop-shops: End-to-end set-up and management of offices and kiosks by professional staff.
Co-marketing Activities: Undertaking of on ground activities to develop promotional material and identify key travel partners and platforms to promote the destination.
Trainings & Seminars: Execution of regular trainings and seminars with the travel trade fraternity and key travel partners on the destination.
Road Shows & Trade Fairs: To showcase the destination to the travel trade fraternity, engage them and develop working relationships across geographies.
Familiarisation (FAM) Trips: End-to-end facilitation and development of FAM trips with key travel agents, media personnel and influencers in relevant markets.
Website Development & Online Promotion: Development of digital marketing platforms and tools to enhance visibility and convenience to customers.
Databases to Key Partners/Customers: Access to detailed profiles and contacts of travel companies, production houses, media houses and potential customers in relevant markets.
Consumer Campaigns: Accurate identification of and planning and execution of promotional campaigns to increase visibility of the destination amongst consumers.
Beneficial tie-ups with Key Service Providers: Collaborative promotion with airlines, hotels, and tour operators, among others.
Public Relations: Organisation of press meets, FAMs, social media partnerships and development of print and electronic promotional material to build greater visibility of the destination.

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