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Student Life in Australia

Student Life in Australia


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In our last post, we got to know about the general lifestyle in Australia. Let us know about how welcoming Australia is for International students.

Student Life in Australia

Australia has fascinated students for a long list of reasons but the topmost is the lifestyle it promises. With colleges ranking amongst the Top 100 of the world, the Universities of Australia have seen a definitive increase in their international student numbers in recent years.

While this attracts many international student, let us know about other factors involved to make your decision.

Cost of Study

The island country Australia is attracting more and more international students from all around the globe. Some of the top universities and colleges in the world are located in Australia and thus, Australia is becoming the new favorite among students. But how much does education in Australia costs? The tuition fee differs from university to university as well as the type of program and course you opt for.

Education Level Cost/Year
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree AUD 20,000 – 45,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AUD 22,000 – 50,000
Doctoral Degree AUD 18,000 – 42,000


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Cost of Living

Australia ranks amongst the top 10 in the Human Development Index as well as the Quality of Life Index. In simple words, a developed nation, Australia is amongst the top countries of the world in terms of its education system, the GDP and purchasing power parity indexes. With a high level of incomes, it also enjoys a high level of health awareness, an excellent medical system as well as a politically stable economy.

But as a student, these are hardly the indices you would wish to worry about. What matters is how much it would cost to stay in Australia. So, here’s the above jargon simplified to numbers per month


Type of Boarding Cost of Boarding
Hostels and Guesthouses AUD 90 – 150 per week
Shared Rental AUD 95 – 215 per week
On-campus AUD 110 – 280 per week

Other living costs

While accommodations costs form the large share of expenditures under living expenses, other costs under the cost of living in Australia include:

Components Costs
Groceries and eating out AUD 140 – 280 per week
Gas, electricity AUD 10 – 20 per week
Phone and Internet AUD 15 – 30 per week
Public transport AUD 30 – 60 per week

Working while studying

Australian Immigration Laws are comparatively easy when it comes to working while studying. Though the rules might vary, generally students are allowed to work for up to 40 weeks in a year.

Companies, local businesses, and retail shops often hire students (both domestic and international). As an international student, you are protected by the same labour laws as the domestic student populace which also means the minimum wages. As a student, you can expect around $17 per hour (rough estimates).

The kinds of jobs are also varied. There are both on-campus jobs as well as local jobs available and often universities have an office which would help you find the right one for you.

Once you graduate, you stay in Australia for 18 months to four years, depending on your qualification. In order to stay, you will need a Graduate Temporary Skilled Visa (subclass 485).

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Lifestyle in Australia

Lifestyle in AustraliaLifestyle in Australia!



Have you ever thought of moving to Australia? Ever dreamed of living in Australia? Wondered about how’s the lifestyle in Australia?

Read this article on lifestyle in Australia. Know more and it may help you to decide on moving to Australia.

Australia is an incredibly diverse country and is home to so many different wonderful cultures and communities.

Australia’s quality of life and unrivalled natural beauty make it the ideal destination for you if you have ever dreamed about improving your future.

Australia is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time, want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country.

The main cities offer all kinds of services, work, and leisure activities in a relaxed and spacious environment. What’s more, towns and cities are often surrounded by the impressive beauty of Australian nature: beautiful beaches, an ocean within reach and boundless spaces and landscapes that look like they’re from another world!

Australia is a country where people from all over the world can experience living in a modern nation. Australia may not have an extensive history like other countries, but it has a bright future.

Australia is the fourth happiest country on the planet, making its lifestyle one of the most known and envied in terms of carefree living. No hectic pace from a big metropolis and a perfect balance between work, family, and leisure time. This balance makes it possible to spend a majority of time engaging in outdoor activities rather than on work or deadlines. Whether it’s a barbecue in the sun or a surf in the ocean, Australian culture will surely entertain you and leave you with a smile.

Education (International Students)

Students from all over the world come to Australia to take advantage of top-notch education and enjoy our friendly hospitality and cultural diversity. Australia has low crime rates and strict gun control laws providing a safe environment in which to learn and travel. With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers modern transport systems, convenient telecommunications, cosmopolitan shopping complexes and excellent medical services.

International students studying in Australia are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their student visa.


Australia has a very good health care system. All Australians pay a Medicare levy (additional tax) to fund the public health system and ensure everyone gets access to public system doctors, hospitals and other health care services. People who pay extra into a private health insurance fund receive certain privileges when they use private health care services.


With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers modern transport systems. Australia has an extensive public transport network that includes trains, buses, tramways, ferries, two major national airlines and a number of regional airlines. Metropolitan areas are divided into zones and your ticket type and cost is contingent on which zone you are going to travel in and for how long.


Australia is diverse in its geography and climate. Summer starts in December and winter in June. Nearly one third of Australia is in the tropics where the average temperatures are in the mid 20 degrees Celsius. The southern areas are in a temperate zone.

Hope the above information is sufficient to decide on your migration plan to Australia. If you need to know more, connect with us. You can check your eligibility here.

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