Top reasons for Canadian visa application rejection. Check out this article before you start your application


Canada is a fantastic country, but it can be tough to immigrate there. You must meet certain requirements and pay a fee before you can move to Canada permanently. If your visa application is rejected, you could be stuck with no other option than returning home or reapplying again another time. However, there are steps that you can take to make sure your application gets accepted and processed quickly!

You applied too late

If you applied for a visa more than six months before your travel date, it’s likely that your application will be rejected. You should apply for a visa at least one year before you want to enter Canada.

If you have applied for a visa less than six months prior to travelling, then this could be considered an “unusual circumstance” (UC) and may help reduce the chances of rejection. For example:

  • If your travel plans are very urgent and can’t wait until after applying for a Canadian permanent resident card;
  • If there’s no other way around applying early;
  • Or if there were delays in processing documents required by Immigration Canada such as birth certificates or medical reports due to backlogs caused by high demand due to backlogs caused by high demand

You have a criminal record

A criminal record is a set of past convictions, charges, and/or arrests that may negatively impact your ability to enter Canada. While every country has its own definition of what constitutes a criminal record, in general:

  • A criminal record includes any conviction for an offence in Canada or outside Canada that results in incarceration for more than one year.
  • The following types of offences are considered serious crimes: drug trafficking (other than simple possession), trafficking firearms, rioting and unlawful assembly; robberies involving violence against persons; sexual assaults against children under 14 years old; kidnapping/abduction with intent to cause harm or bodily harm through confinement for ransom etc.; fraudulently obtaining funds from banks or other financial institutions using false identities etc..

Your application was incomplete or late.

Incomplete or late applications are common reasons for visa rejection. This includes:

  • Documents that are missing or incomplete, such as the supporting documents required by your immigration office (example: medical certificates)
  • Documents that were submitted in the wrong order, such as your birth certificate and passport being sent separately rather than together with your immigration application.

Your application is missing required documents.

If you have not included all the required documents with your application, then it will be rejected. It is important that you check the list of required documents and make sure that they are all there before sending off your visa application. If any of them are missing or incomplete, then this could cause problems in getting approval for your Canadian visa.

There are many ways to ensure that your application has all of the necessary supporting materials:

  • Check with an immigration consultant about what kind of material needs to be provided along with each type of document (i.e., medical certificate).
  • Ask yourself if there are any more questions regarding these requirements which may help explain why someone else has been rejected due to their lack thereof; for example: “I forgot my birth certificate.”

You have a health condition or disease that could pose a risk if you were to enter Canada.

If you have a medical condition or disease that could pose a risk to the public, your application may be denied.

  • You’re HIV positive: If you have been diagnosed with HIV and your virus is mutating, there’s a chance that it will become resistant to medications and treatments. In addition to being uncooperative with treatment programs for people infected with this deadly disease, it can also lead to secondary infections like tuberculosis (TB). This is why many countries refuse entry for travellers who are known carriers of the virus.
  • Pregnant women: Women who are pregnant should not travel outside their home country without first consulting their doctor about whether they should try to get an exemption from such restrictions under certain circumstances; otherwise they run the risk of having complications during childbirth which could result in death at birth or even later on down the road when trying again without proper guidance from doctors who specialize in this area specifically – as well as other potential risks associated with pregnancy itself including preeclampsia which could endanger both mother & infant if left untreated indefinitely!

Don’t let rejection stop you from trying to immigrate to Canada

Don’t let rejection stop you from trying to immigrate to Canada. You can still apply for a visa and get your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen in the future, but it may take longer than expected.

If your application has been rejected and you’re not happy with the decision, there are many resources available to help you navigate through this difficult time and improve your chances of success going forward. Look into our list below:

  • If all else fails…there’s always Google! Searching online can be an effective way of finding answers quickly when faced with common questions about immigration law or procedures related carelessness on behalf of those seeking entry into Canada under existing rules or regulations governing temporary residence permits such as work permit holders who have been issued temporary work permits by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).


If you want to immigrate to Canada, then don’t let rejection stop you. Use these tips and tricks to ensure your application is complete and submitted on time so that it doesn’t get rejected at the last minute.



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