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Every year thousands of applicant’s apply for Visa, with a hope of a better future prospects. However a staggering percentage of Visa applicant’s face rejection due to reasons that could have been easily avoided.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh Visa applicant, Hustling with time or someone dealing with visa rejection. All applicants get stuck & look for directions sometimes.

So, it’s good to have you here.

This is your go-to source to make an educated choice guaranteed to improve your chances of Visa approval and avoid possible pitfalls.


Here’s what we will cover:

  • Reasons for Visa rejection.(Broken into Categories)
  • Tips to make a better choice.


Visa get’s rejected because of following reasons:

Fail to follow Visa rules

The immigration authorities have laid down rules protecting the interest of a Country’s national security & Economic welfare. Since the visa application process is complex and time consuming, applicants tend to miss few guidelines. There is conclusive proof that significant amount of visa applicants fail to follow the guidelines, making it the top reason why Visa get rejected.


Low IELTS score

Having a good IELTS scores, helps an applicant to grow his social ties and have a stable career. Applications with Low IELTS scores are generally rejected. It is advisable to get yourself trained to improve your English Language proficiency to avoid visa rejections.



Incomplete Application form

Applications with blank columns, misleading information or mismatch will be rejected. It is always advisable to double check the information with the supporting documents to avoid such errors.
The immigration authorities follow a strict time line & have a stipulated time for every application. If the applicant fails to submit the necessary documents on time, there are very high possibilities of Visa getting rejected.


Insufficient Funds

When you submit your Visa application, you will be required to show that you have enough funds to support you and your family, till you find a job. A legitimate bank statement is generally accepted. However a credit card statement or statement of investment is generally not considered. It is advisable to maintain a minimum balance to avoid Visa rejection.


Criminal Record

The immigration authorities are very specific when it comes to National Security. Any applicant convicted of criminal offence will be rejected up-front.


Unqualified sponsor

When the Visa application is sponsored by someone in the host country, the sponsor is required to show that, they have enough funds to support your stay till you find a job.
Visa can be rejected if the sponsor fails to furnish his bank statement showing sufficient funds. Visa can also be rejected if the sponsor is convicted of any criminal offence.


Fake Documents and Documents in Regional Language

Every documents furnished by the Visa applicants goes through a verification process. The authorities spent a lot of time in verification process to eliminate forged and fake documents; also documents in regional language get rejected. It is advised to furnish genuine documents & have those regional language documents translated in English language.


Approaching Unlicensed Agents

Over the past few years more Visas have been rejected by the immigration authorities, this is due to widespread of unlicensed agents operating illegally. These fraudulent agents are quiet deceptive & have set up fake emails, phone lines to attract aspiring visa applicants. The Authorities are fighting this menace & have blacklisted few unlicensed agents. Visa applications from such agents are rejected.


  • Tips to make a better choice.

You always have a choice to apply for a Visa independently& if your preferred choice is that, ensure you avoid above errors.
However it is safe to avail the services of a licensed immigration agent, since they carry expertise and knowledge to guide an applicant through the complex process of Visa application. A licensed immigration agent also legally represents your cases with the government and handles complete correspondence. Few immigration firms also offer language training if required.


A Final word

The purpose of this blog is to help you achieve a desired Visa, initially, the process may seem little complex. But that’s ok; most applicants feel the same. Keep following the suggestions, because something exciting will start to happen.

All the Best!