President Trump’s Executive order of extending the immigration ban until the end of 2020 has been subject to intense criticism by the Business leaders. A Vast majority of the US companies rely on employment based visas to support their operations. The Trump administration has argued that the Immigration Ban will free up to 525,000 jobs for Americans who have lost their jobs due to Corona virus Pandemic.

The new restrictions will affect the applicants of H-1B high-skilled visa, H-2B seasonal worker visa, L-1 executive visa, or a J-1 scholar visa, but food processing workers and healthcare professionals are exempted from the restrictions.

There may be a ban on immigration in US, but Canada continues to invite Immigrants.

While US views immigrants as a threat to American workers, Canada believes that Immigrants are job creators.  For what many see as a sluggish response from the US to ban immigration, many aspiring applicants are transitioning away from US and heading towards Canada.

Canada traditionally has been friendly towards immigrants and with strategic immigration policy; Canada had a fair intake of Immigrants that played a significant role in the development of Canadian Economy.

Like most countries Canada’s economy has been weakened by the pandemic but Canada continued to invite immigrants. “Marco Mendicino “in a recent interview expressed his views on immigrants and their role in economic recovery.  Mendicino stressed upon plans of attracting best and brightest from around the world through Immigration pathways like the Express Entry program, and Global Talent stream to bring, entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators.

While travel ban was still in place, Canada invited new immigrants through Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program and other Permanent Resident program pathways. Frequent draws were held to avoid delay in processing the Permanent Resident application.

With over 100 combined Permanent and temporary resident options and various immigration streams for temporary foreign workers and international students, Canada is set to achieve the target of inviting 341,000 Permanent Residents by the end of 2020.

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