The new route under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) is scheduled to begin this summer, according to the IRCC website.

The EMPP will assist employers in finding qualified refugees and other displaced individuals.

The new pathway will help employers struggling to find workers in pivotal areas. The pathway also allows newcomers to restart their careers and their lives in the country. With this, the employers will also be able to address labor shortages and provide an opportunity for the refugees to live safely and rebuild their lives.

Employers will have more opportunities to fill in-demand positions like nurse assistants, personal support workers, long-term care assistants, software engineers, web designers, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, teachers, tourism and hospitality workers, and truck and delivery service drivers thanks to the new pathway that will be introduced this summer.

Canada plans to expand the EMPP over the next years and welcome 2,000 qualified migrants and displaced persons to help with labour shortages.

Processing Time:

Under this program, the employers will not be required to tap into the Provincial Nominee Programs, and the applicants will get approved within six months.  The IRCC will reveal more information about the new federal pathway in the coming weeks.

Canada’s Immigration Plans for coming years:

This year, the Canadian agency for immigration, refugees, and citizenship (IRCC) hopes to accept 465,000 new permanent residents.

This goal is to increase to 485,000 immigrants in 2024 and 500,000 immigrants in 2025 under the Immigration Levels Strategy 2023–2025.

Canada received little over 437,000 immigrants in the previous year.

Overall Canada’s population increased by over one million people for the first time in the history last year. Thanks to record levels of immigration and record admissions of international students and workers.

The ambitious immigration goals of Canada are primarily to overcome the severe labour shortages that exist there.

More than 100 different economic class immigration options are available in Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which enables provinces and territories to pick candidates who fulfil their local economic needs, is the most popular economic class pathway.

The Fast Entry system is the main federal route.

Recently, there has been a lot of activity along both pathways.

Throughout the past week, the most recent PNP results were released by four provinces.

Over the past two weeks, IRCC has hosted two significant Express Entry lotteries. Inviting a total of 14,000 applicants to submit applications for permanent residence.

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